1017 Artist, Rallo, sentenced to 8 years in prison for marijuana trafficking

1017 Record artist, Ralo, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for cannabis trafficking.

In 2018, Raloke was arrested for smuggling more than $ 2 million into marijuana. Since then, Rallo has been waiting for his fate in the Decalub County Jail.

On Wednesday, an Instagram report said Rallo had been sentenced to eight years in federal prison. However, there is some good news about compensation for the bad. Ralo was jailed for some time and the judge granted him some time in jail.

“The judge sentenced Rallo to 8 years in federal prison,” the post said. “He was given 4 years of credit. BOP also gave him 1 and 1/2 year credit for good times.

It continued, “He was recommended 1-year ankle monitor Halfway House after approving his home address; Which will bring her to our home by the end of next year, but our goal is to complete her GED or RDAP drug program so we can get one more year from her sentence. This will bring him to us in less than a year. We need prayer. ”

In 2018, an affidavit was filed alleging that the Raleigh gang was the leader of “Famerica”. Federal agents claim the gang is responsible for smuggling less than $ 2 million worth of marijuana from California to Georgia. The “Famgun” gang has made at least two cross-country trips on a chartered flight.

Still, Rallo is optimistic about his plight. Last October, Ralo updated his fans about his current status and future.

“My judge has scheduled my entire case to be completed by December,” he wrote on Instagram. “My lawyers asked for time. I need a letter from some good people who are willing to come and help me stay on track for 3 years of testing. I also agreed to talk to the young man. Please tag the good people who will do it, go to famericanews.com, scroll down and click on the link (write ralo judge) #FreeRalo. ”

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