George Smith hangs out at the iconic London venue Coco

Hey George

Georgia Smith performing in Coco

Source: Joseph Okapako / WireImage

R & Baddie George Smith Bringing her undeniable star power and sexual appeal to London’s iconic music venue KOKO where she performed a custom 16Arlington look created by the famous designer for a special occasion Marco Capaldo And his team.

You might think of embracing a talented singer Drake Dating rumors in the ‘Scorpion’ era in 2018. To this day, many of his fans believe that ‘Jadeed’ was about him.

“You want to hit me when you do it / You’ll try and come back when you’re famous / I always want the truth, but it’s dangerous / You’ve got something real, not original,” he sang (to Georgia?).

The 24-year-old singer’s song “I Could Never” was also whispered loudly, which was published on the Internet with songs like “I’ve blown you away a thousand times, believe me I know …”.

At the end, Georga sang, “Sometimes I ask how you want me / How you can choose to love me / You had the most true eyes I ever had / You have to look back at me.”

Oh, but there’s more:

“Everyone said I disappointed you / Isn’t that true, but I can still find / Lost my way and only you were there / Can you ever embarrass me? / Will you ever, ever be able to? Will you ever let me down?” Shame on you? “

Georgia Smith performing in Coco

Source: Joseph Okapako / WireImage

Since then, Drake has been associated with another one million bodies, but we are sure that George has a special place in his heart because whewww.

Would you like to see Drake and George Smith Besip? Tell us below and enjoy some of Twitter’s thirst for flip flops.

“I can, and will, do something for Georgia Smith.”

An elderly woman was shot dead outside Louisiana High School.

An elderly woman was killed and two men were injured when gunmen opened fire on her after a high school graduation ceremony on Tuesday. Xavier UniversityIts campus.

The New Orleans Police Department He said a fight broke out between the two women as they were leaving the graduation and family ceremony and that is when the shooting took place.

Police said the three injured were taken to a local hospital where the woman was pronounced dead. Injuries to two men – one on the shoulder and the other on the leg – are not considered life-threatening.

At least three people were detained for questioning, but no arrests were made until Tuesday afternoon.

“I am outraged and sorry for the atrocities committed today outside of Xavier University,” said NOLA-PS Superintendent Dr. Henderson Lewis Jr. “The seniors who graduated from Maurice Jeff were there to share their collective achievements and jump into the brilliance of their future – just to shatter their optimism through gun violence. This needs to stop. We must unite as a community, as a country, to address the damage caused by gun access and to the root of the anger and frustration that compels individuals to think of harming even others. All our children have the right to be safe and we must do our best to protect that right. My heart goes out to the families of the victims, and I urge all of us to gather around them in their time of need. “

The shooting took place in a parking lot outside the convocation center, which many local high schools use to host their graduation ceremonies. Witnesses said at least 5-12 shots could be heard from anywhere.

Target carries an exclusive ‘Harry’s House’ vinyl which is very nice

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If you ask me what I’ve been doing since May 20, I’ll tell you what I’m listening to Harry Styles’ new album, Harry’s house, Time and time again I have recovered because the album has some major bangers and serious teasers. After all, I have endured Hunger Games When trying to snatch a pair Love the tour Concert tickets. After the much-anticipated album release and all these other Harry events, I think it’s time to collect some HS products.

One at the top of my list Harry’s house A kind of plastic. Do I own a record player? No. Do I still need it? Yes !!! Whether you want a vinyl hoarder or a shiny new toy in front of and in the center of your bookshelf, Harry has a Target Exclusive version of his third solo studio album.

What makes it special, you may ask? It’s one Transparent yellow sintered plastic That will look so good in your collection. The OG Vinyl This is also a work of art, but the transparent yellow disc hits differently.

At STYLECASTER our goal is to bring style to people, and we only feature products that we think you will like. Target is a Stylescaster sponsor, however, all products in this article have been independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.

Harry style 'Harry's house' vinyl target

Photo: Harry Styles / Sony Music.

While I’m sure you’ve already heard his new album 1,000 times, if you haven’t, here are some reviews that really add to the feelings of all of us loyal to Stan.

“Hey One of the best albums Period I have never heard of in my whole life. I am so grateful that my ear piercings have been able to hear these wonderful, delicious, delicious, arbitrary songs, ”impressed a buyer who gave Target Exclusive Vinyl a five-star rating.

As for the visual aesthetic of the record, “its color A kind of plastic Awesome. Extremely well played and delivered in perfect condition! Another reviewer wrote.

Should we say more? Harry can take the style All My money and that includes well-spent money Notice the exclusive version Harry’s house.

StyleCaster |  Ashley Benson interview

‘LAMH’ fans want Wanda to shut down the show to fight Holt


Love and marriage are the core art of Huntsville

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

Seasonings on the set of ‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ have begun to slam as temperatures have reached a frying point this week. An innocent parking lot Shindig that appeared quickly turned into a parking lot showdown when there was a physical altercation between the cast members.

Recently divorced Melody Holt thought she was giving her fans a little lunch check-in before filming. Unfortunately, she gave a ringside seat to social media followers when her ex-husband gave someone two off-camera (probably Scott family members) Hartsville tickets.

At the start of the live stream, Melody appears on camera in an SUV, happy and excited to be filming the “event” before stopping to tell fans that he has “some more business to do” and will be back in 10 minutes.

A fight has started over ‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’

Upon returning, the melody is visibly disturbed, with people not messing with her kids, someone “jumping behind her” and encouraging them to “do it in her mouth” as the camera is turned off and fights can be heard. Melody pauses to peek at the scene then returns to Runting before jumping out of the car and shouting her ex-husband’s name. The full blown epidemic continues as he begs Martel not to put his paw on anyone because “her children are watching” as soon as the camera is turned off.

Latisha Scots mother Wanda Moore Leith went live on her Instagram later in the evening to give an account of her dispute. Apparently annoying and a little entertaining, Wanda immediately started firing verbally into the melody. Wanda told her audience that everything was fine in the family and that an apron-clad Martel was going to buy her some spices when Melody became aggressive and started “putting her finger up” in her mouth. The veteran Alabama pauses the story to a bad verbal tirade, invites Melody’s “Mama Bear” into the smoke, and advises Melody to find her real father because he complains he has nothing to do with her.

Wanda addresses fans of the melody

When someone on the live stream comments that Wanda is “too old to behave like this” he responds by saying “you are never too old to behave like that.” Wanda then repeats that he has repeatedly told Melody that he does not want beef with her, “but again invites Melody’s mother to smoke and let commenters know that she was personally asked to sell her seasoning at the event. A smiling Wanda brags about “hooping ass and naming later,” because that’s what “she does.” He mocks Melody’s claim (from the incident) and fires at the head so that the tail falls off. Wanda continues to boast about the beatings, crushes and says he later returns to selling food because he “doesn’t play with his brand.” Wanda apparently threatens to catch a corpse when he says the coroners had to come if someone spilled the food he had sold.

After a while she starts to back down and says that she didn’t actually fight Melody and instead fought with her brother and son-in-law to get to her. Apparently unprepared, Wanda laughs at Holts, encouraging them to press charges.

‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ fans upset with Wanda Moore Leith

A petition launched by “Protect Black Women’s Image” to remove Latisha’s mother from the show reached nearly 3,000 signatures by Tuesday morning. Petitioner claims that creator Carlos King excluded Wanda from the “LAMH” and described his behavior as ghetto, ratchet, and completely dangerous. The petition opens with a description of Wanda as a “threat to black excellence” who is ineligible for the privilege of a reality TV platform.

“Moore has pushed the show into a violent, dangerous light. He has repeatedly insulted minors, the parents of other cast members, and even his own cast members! . ” Stated in the petition. The signatories echoed the petitioners’ sentiments by calling Wanda an “disrespectful”, “disorderly” comment, accusing him of causing chaos and confusion, and requesting that he be removed from the series altogether.

So do you think Wanda is misrepresenting black women and has to go, or is she an accurate portrayal of how toxic some misguided mama can be? He was certainly a major promoter on the show each season.

Ben & Jerry will participate in a recruitment program for young people at risk

On tuesday Ben and Jerry Has announced its participation Unlock potentialA groundbreaking, targeted employment initiative for young people at risk of imprisonment.

Employers are hoping to take advantage of recruitment to improve racial justice, hire the next generation of business leaders, and break the prison pipeline from poverty through unlocked potential.

“The importance of second-chance employment efforts cannot be overstated. But it is not enough to hire people once they are released from prison – we must first take steps to prevent them from ending up there,” he said. Matthew McCarthy, CEO of Ben & Jerry.

“The data shows that meaningful employment opportunities are one of the most effective ways to prevent future imprisonment. Unlock potential will create that first opportunity.”

Unlocked potential program, supported by’s Racial Equity CenterAddresses deep racial inequality and economic stagnation caused by involvement in the legal system.

For example, first-time imprisonment can result in a 30 percent reduction in lifetime wages. BIPOC Communities are unequally affected by these barriers

Black Americans are incarcerated five times more often than whites, and studies show that black men with criminal records have a 40% greater negative impact on employment.

Unlocking potential can reduce economic exclusion and help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by preventing it from being captured.

The program will help businesses address a growing shortage of labor, the growing need for investment by future leaders, and their commitment to a more just and equitable society.

“Unlock potential is an important element in advancing our ethnic equity work,” he said Ally Reed, Ben & Jerry’s Senior Retail Racial Equity and Inclusion Manager. “Creating meaningful career opportunities for black and brown at-risk youth supports skills development and economic mobility in the communities we serve and exist in.”

The program will focus on 4.4 million “disconnected youth.” United States Those between the ages of 16 and 24 who are not enrolled in school or working. Adverse outcomes such as poverty and imprisonment are significantly higher for these young adults than for their peers.

Unlock Potential will focus on a segment of individuals who have one or more of the following additional detention risk factors: a captive parent, sexual or human trafficking, juvenile justice system, or foster care.

Participating employers can address the root causes of mass imprisonment by providing economic potential for these individuals.

Unlock Potential Design will launch a 12-month pilot program after the consultation episode, which ends in October.

A number of Ben & Jerry franchises Scoop shop This will connect with potential employees Responsible business initiative for justice – Co-founder of Unlock Potential – To give real career advancement opportunities.

To ensure their success, participants will be connected to local nonprofit support services national nonprofit Perseverance.

Visit to learn more about the initiative.

Olivia Rodrigo’s stylists tell us what to wear to a music festival

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In the case of the highly on-trend Y2K resurrection I think of one person who is Olivia Rodrigo. Whether it’s a micro mini skirt, butterfly clip or plaid swinging anything, Miss Rodrigo always looks as cool as possible, and all this thanks to her incredible stylist Chloe and Chanel Delgadillo. Now that the festive season is underway, I didn’t want to talk to any other expert about what we should all wear to our favorite concert this year than this pair.

As it turns out, shopping for a music festival may not be easy. Because all you need is one place: Claire.

Think about it: Where did you go when you were young to get the most beautiful and vibrant necklaces and bracelets? What shop had beautiful clips, chains and bows? Exactly. That’s why the sisters must have a partnership with the brand where they do everything from the brand’s famous accessory style to the go-go ball of people like me (faster than you might think).

Here’s what I learned from Chloe and Chanel:

  1. Chloe Clip, Butterfly Barretts and Doc Martens will be your best friends this festive season.
  2. Your hair is your biggest canvas ান decorate with as many accessories, braids and bun as you like.
  3. Don’t forget about dressing up your shoes; Your documents can (and should!) Be dazzled by the addition of laces
  4. Ear cuffs, fun rings and butterflies are just some of the things that should be your favorite item when looking for accessories.

Below, check out some of Sister’s festive season picks to decorate your look and channel Olivia Rodrigo in the best way:

Lilac claw clips

Courtesy of Claire.

Lilac flower hair nails

Stick to your simple nail clip for something more worthy. This set of four comes with fun floral-shaped clips that are unique, trendy and highly functional. You can use these to hold your hair back or across your locks for a more stand-out look.

Blue, pink and purple butterfly mini hair clauses

Courtesy of Claire.

Blue, pink and purple butterfly mini hair clauses

There’s no place where you can’t put a mini butterfly clip. In fact, Chloe and Chenelle encourage you to wear these adorable accessories along with your dock marten laces so you can style your hair. Genius. Check out how they styled these clips on this insta.

Dr. Marten Unisex 8053 Platform Oxford

Courtesy of Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens Unisex Platform Oxford

Chloe and Chenelle’s festival favorite shoes? Doc Martens, of course. You can’t go wrong with classic battle boots, but these platforms are oxfords
Really stand out. They add some height and more punk edges than the usual style.

Floral and yin yang yang cuff

Courtesy of Claire.

Floral and yin yang yang cuff

Don’t forget about dressing up your ears! These attractive cuffs are giving Y2K the most adorable way possible

Mixed spiral rings

Courtesy of Claire.

Mixed spiral rings

Yes, you can buy a bunch of rings in layers, or you can catch these spirals that add more depth and dimension to your look.

Yin Young leather beaded anklet

Courtesy of Claire.

Yin Young leather beaded anklet

Don’t forget about your ankles this festive season. This adorable anklet will add some yin and yang to your festive effort.

Pink Ribbed Knit Hair Comb

Courtesy of Claire.

Pink Ribbed Knit Hair Comb

You can’t leave home without scratching as much as possible, especially when you’re going to a festival in the heat of summer. It’s going to be hot AF, so keep your hair out of your mouth as much as possible in the 90s. Use these to style a beautiful ponytail, some mini space bun or pigtail.

Christian Rock fights Blueface’s mother and sister

“I never believed them about you but now I see, you are the living devil that after the abortion I got pregnant …”

Wealth Garden Entertainment Juventus Pool Party

Source: Fennel Phillips / Getty

Social media buzzed on Memorial Day weekend after a video recording capturing the “Blue Girls Club” star surfaced. Christian Rock Attacking Blueface’s mother and her sister.

Wealth Garden Entertainment Juventus Pool Party

Source: (LR) Olscocky, D Loc, Blueface, and Chrisan Rock join the Wealth Garden Entertainment Juneteenth Pool Party in Calabasas, California on June 19, 2021. / Anise Phillips / Getty

Oddly enough, the “Thotiana” rapper can be seen rocking the rocks during a heated argument that has turned into a nastie on social media.

May 29 Blueface’s mother Carlisa Safold She took to Instagram to call her son and Rock for the horrific attack.

“I just know that my son will never bring that person back to my family and that is the important thing. Keep going, ”he wrote, tagging a picture of his swollen face along with the message.

Saffold added in a separate post:

“And neither will the judge’s police. The end. “

In a follow-up post, Saffold again condemned his son, noting that he needed “help.”

“If I can enable you in any way, I will ask God for forgiveness,” the rapper’s mother continued.

“You brought that trash bag and his dog where I kept my head and paid the rent to help you build your business and I told him more than 10 times to get it out of my mouth.”

Safold’s anger grew with each message.

In another post, she called her son a “living devil” and denounced the entrepreneur for failing to pay him for a business they had worked together on in the past.
“I never believed them about you but now I can see,” he wrote. “You’re the living devil that I got pregnant after that abortion. You haven’t paid me since September to work in that restaurant and my husband has put his own money in it. I’ll see you in court, “he said, referring to how his sister Kaliove was hospitalized after the attack.

Blueface sister Kali Miller talks about the fight

Blueface’s sister Callie also talks about the fight in her Instagram story.

She claims that her brother punched her and their mother.

In addition, Callieway, The man, also known as Kali, alleged that she and her husband jumped off multiple men, including a rapper.

“As you can see I pee on myself. I’ve never fought 7 n *** like I could before. [piss] On his own, “he said in a video.

After the jump, Kali claimed that Christian Rock ran over him and punched him a few times.

You’re probably wondering why the play was released, isn’t it? Blueface’s manager apparently has an explanation.

Lil Kim "9" Album listening party

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Walk 100 Speaks on Christian Rock Vs. Kali Miller

According to Wack100, Rock beats Blueface’s sister, in particular, because she was the same woman who broke the aspiring singer’s teeth during a fight that happened “18 months ago”.

“You came for the smoke and the woman took her revenge. Guess we now know why you’re back, “he wrote. “Pray for your husband. I have found 6 of them.” Teeth on the driveway. Send me a mailing address if you need !! Stay safe there. #Meat is available on all platforms. “

Walk also posted a video of Rock celebrating his defeat after the war. She is seen holding her unconscious husband while she shouts “Blueface who wants next !?”

Kali Miller apologized to her husband after the Christian Rock Fight

Kali posted a message to her husband apologizing for “bringing her into such a toxic environment”.

Kali also sent a message to her mother.

Blueface’s sister wrote, “Lil, did they know I would never let anyone touch you?” “I’m sorry your son turned out to be this person.”

For Christian Rock, he has since confessed to fighting the Blueface family, but in effect, he was involved in the attack, not Blueface.

Blueface has backed up its claim on Twitter.

Speaking of Christian Rock fights, Blueface’s face has recently been inked around his neck

Christian recently said through Blueface’s Insta Story that he was involved in the fight and that his rapper Bu was innocent.

“Why did you kill them like that?” Blueface Rock is heard to question when he is strangely lying on the ground.

“They gave me no choice,” Rock replied.

He added to his own IG Live that Blueface had allowed him to defend himself after being abused by two women for years.

“His son was like, ‘Yeah, stick to yourself. Don’t let him hurt you,'” Rock said. “So, I said, ‘OK. F **** it.’ I’m hitting him and hitting him. “

In related news, before the altercation, Christian Rock slapped his rapper Burr’s face around his neck.


It just keeps getting weird and weird there.

What do you think of this chaotic story? Tell us below.

Stassi Schroeder has condemned Jacques for seemingly ending the marriage

Stacey Schroeder apparently condemns Jacques and Brittany for throwing away their wedding hours before leaving for Rome, says "Good friends don't do that" And lack of respect call out

Stacy Schroeder And Beau Clark Apparently weighed, and lying down, Jacques Taylor And Brittany Cartwright In the latest episode of their podcast, just two hours before their departure for Rome, Italy, to return from their wedding.

After telling his audience that he would see a report on a Bravo fan page that allegedly suggested that Jacques and Brittany had been granted bail 24 hours earlier instead of attending a golf tournament, Vanderpump rules The alumni set the record straight, revealing how frustrated they were with their alleged friends.

“I’m not going to name names but I think the audience will be able to … collect what you think is your own,” Stacey began. Good, bad, and children.

According to Stacey, the Bravo fan page claims that the couple not only returned from their wedding for a golf tournament, but the man accidentally shared the news in a group chat that he did not know Beau was there.

“I was very upset and didn’t bother at all and in a sense it turned out to be a funny joke … to me people sent me screenshots from multiple people in this person’s group thread and said they weren’t going,” Beau recalls. . “The first one I got was April 9. Towards the end of it, it was so ridiculous that I put all the screenshots of an album in chronological order.”

Although Stacey and Beau only learned that day that they were going to Rome that the couple would not attend their wedding, Stacey said the man announced that he would not be staying with Beau’s friends for a month and “lists many reasons.” Why weren’t they. “

“They RSVP’d ‘Yes,’ he continued.”[And] Whenever we were around them, they would say, ‘We are coming.’ Then it happens. And two weeks before the wedding, I was like, ‘We need to address this with them because I’m not playing this game.’ I ordered everything we needed for seat assignments and place cards. So I need to know if I need to ask quickly to rearrange things. “

Although Stacey and Beau certainly had doubts that the couple would come to Italy, they believed they were their “best friend.”

“Good friends don’t do that. They don’t talk about your marriage behind your back or pretend they’re coming and give a list of reasons why they’re not coming to other people. Friends don’t do this to each other, ”Stacey said.

But instead of waiting and seeing if the anonymous couple would show up, Stacey and Beau decided to text them.

“[Beau] It was like, ‘Hey, are you coming to this wedding or is one of you texting? [my] Close friends that you are not bringing multiple details and reasons. Very skeptical. What the heck? ‘”Stacey asked. “And at first, the friend denied it. ‘What? I didn’t say anything. I didn’t text these things.’

Then, after Beau referred to the text messages he saw, the man said, “Yes, you are right. I said that,” but he insisted that the messages were not true and that he and his wife would be present at their wedding.

“And I like, ‘Okay. I hope because there are a lot of people I’d like to invite that I know would love to be present at our wedding and the two spots you took,'” Stacey shared. “They knew we had been planning this wedding for a month this year. So they had ample opportunity to say, ‘Don’t waste an invitation for us because we’re not going to come.’

“There are some people I really love and care about who I had to reject. And so I explained to them that it’s kind of confusing that I’m listening to it so I hope it’s not true, “Stacey added.

Sadly, Stacey learned that the couple would not attend.

“The day, not 24 hours ago, the day we were leaving for Rome on our flight, two hours before we left home, I was sitting on the sofa. Our suitcases are at the front door, everything is done … I got a text from this relationship girl, ‘We’re not coming’, there are many reasons why they are not coming. It was a novel. Two hours before I went to the airport to get married I received a text from friends who are supposed to be our close friends that they are not going to do it. It’s very mind-blowing insanity, ”Stacey revealed when Beau confirmed that his argument was something he had already read from his wife.

“I was, ‘Now you’re lying. You’re both lying.’ It’s supposed to be our goodbye … I was sitting there, ‘Really? That’s the kind of people we’re having in our lives?’ “Beau admits.” I just want the best people in my life. “

Stacey said she doesn’t know who else to trust or she doesn’t have time to figure it out.

“I can’t believe I took two stains. I can’t believe I thought we were close. I feel stupid that I thought we were better friends than that, “Stacey explained.” I want to surround myself. [people] Whoever communicates with me, we have mutual respect. And when I was at the wedding, I looked at everyone there and I thought, ‘God, I love everyone here. I’m really grateful she was released and thank those who worked hard for her release, and thank you very much. “

According to Beau, the last text he received read, “We love you … so sorry,” and he wasn’t buying it.

“You know what love is? I don’t think so,” he said.

“No,” Stacey agreed. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s the way you handle it. You obviously don’t care so much about us or love and respect us enough to communicate and manage it in a respectful way and I’m not here for that. “

Vanderpump rules Returning to Bravo for the 10th season later this year or early next year.

Scott Dixie Courtney Kardashian responds to Travis Barker’s marriage

A difficult time. Scott Dixon is taking the marriage of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker very badly. A source opened on Entertainment Tonight on May 26, 2022 about how the new marriage is affecting the Talentless founder.

Scott’s ex-girlfriend Courtney Blink married 182 drummer Travis Barker on May 22, 2022 in Portofino, Italy. The couple had been married twice before their outstanding Italian wedding – first, in an informal wedding in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022, and then, on May 15, 2022, in an official courthouse wedding. “Even if he’s married, he’s doing what he can,” the source told Entertainment Tonight. “He has mixed feelings because he loves Courtney, but he also knows he’s happy, but Scott” has a lot of regrets about how he used Courtney during their relationship. “

The source added, “Scott and Courtney’s kids were happy, but naturally, always hoped their parents had a chance to get back together again.” Courtney and Scott have three children together — Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and Raine, 7. The former couple has been dating since 2005 and finally ended their relationship in 2015. “Scott is sorry he’s not as close to Courtney or his family as he once was. She misses them all and wants to include things. Scott still has a good relationship with the family as a whole, but it’s a little different now. Chris is still like a mother to her and she loves him like her mother. He is still very close to Khaloi, “the source continued.

Scott was not invited to the Italian wedding. Instead, he took a solo vacation and posted pictures of his plane on his Instagram story on May 22nd. Her children joined the marriage in Italy after not participating in other marriages or engagement to their mother. She was reunited with her children on May 25, 2022, the day before her 39th birthday. She then posted a video of her baby dog ​​being piled on a hotel bed, with the caption, “Happy Birthday 2 Me! This is the greatest blessing of my life! ”

When Courtney found out that her kids weren’t engaged to her, she revealed in an episode of it Kardashians“It simply came to our notice then. I know my mom made that decision and it probably wasn’t her best. “Courtney later said,” Penelope took it hard. I think it’s a big change for her. What do you mean, take me away?

Kardashians Available for streaming in Hulu. Here’s how to watch it for free.

Photo: Gallery Books.

For more on the Kardashians, see Chris Jenner’s 2011 memoir, Chris Jenner … and all things Kardashian, Where Momezar tells a story he has never told before about how he took his six children – Courtney, Kim, Kholo, Rob, Kendall and Kylie – to international stardom and built their multi-million dollar empire. You may think you know Kardashians, but as Chris explains in his book, in the media and what Keep up with the Kardashians Only the tip of the iceberg. Inside Chris Jenner … and all things Kardashian, Chris reveals how he managed to balance six children (not to mention four stepchildren and countless grandchildren) while creating a business for his family. The book also dives into Chris’ relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson before and after accusing her husband, Oz Simpson, of murdering her. Chris Jenner … and all things Kardashian This is a must read for any Kardashian fan.

At STYLECASTER our goal is to bring style to people, and we only feature products that we think you will like. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.

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A court date has been set for the alleged murderers of Young Dolph

A court date has been set for the gunmen accused of killing Memphis rapper Young Dolph last November.

Rolling Loud New York 2021

Source: Jason Mendez / Getty

In November 2021, rapper Young Dolph was killed while visiting McDas Cookies in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Dolph stopped making cookies for his grandmother before arranging his annual turkey gift for Thanksgiving when he was fatally shot. In the days following his murder, police worked to resolve the case and quickly spotted several suspects. Justin Johnson, aka Strait Drop, and Cornelius Smith were charged with murder. Shortly after their arrest, both men asked the judge for more time to raise money for a proper legal team.

The judge’s patience quickly ran out, and at the end of January, he demanded that they be represented by February 4th. In March, the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center said their autopsy showed that Young Dolph had been shot about 22 times.

The court date is set for July

Smith and Johnson’s legal team requested a July 1 trial date Although most of the cases have been kept under wraps, this July, we will finally hear about the suspicious motive behind the killing of Young Dolph. On the same day, there will be a hearing on Smith’s bond after spending almost a year behind bars.