It has been alleged that the unarmed black pregnant woman was shot five times by the police

A Unarmed black pregnant woman Fighting for life with the police He was shot five times.

The shocking facts came to light Kansas City, Missouri, Officers responded to an armed carjacking report as of Friday. Officers stopped the car Family nuggetsr on Possibilities and East 6th Avenue Because it coincides with a report of a stolen car reported just before 8pm when the male driver got out of the car and fled. Leona Hale, 26 Slowly I got out of the car. When Kansas City Police Department officials Ordering her to get down to the ground, she put her hand up and told them she couldn’t because she was pregnant. When they asked Hale if there were any weapons in the car, he confirmed that there were weapons, although he did not carry a weapon or anything that might be wrong for one.

An eyewitness named Md Shedanja, The woman got scared. Shedanja said he saw Hale return to a fence while officers were pulling their guns. That’s when they quickly started firing.

“It simply came to our notice then. They shot five times, “Shedanja told The Star. In a video of Shedanja being shot after the shooting, a pregnant woman was seen lying on the ground with blood on her shirt as Shedanja was heard shouting,” She is going to cooperate. “

The video has been shared on social media, sparking outrage at the brutality of the shooting and the officers’ lack of attention to Hale’s unborn child.

Hale was taken to hospital in critical condition but is now stable. His future is unknown. The two officers responsible for Hell’s shooting have been placed on administrative leave for questioning.

Michelle Williams got a pixie haircut for the Cannes red carpet

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This year’s Cannes Film Festival is about to bring red carpet glamor. Just check out Michelle Williams’ new haircut. On May 27, the actor was present at the premiere of his new film Show or show, Wearing a Chanel haute couture dress and debuting a flashy new pixie. And now we have a peek at how her hair stylist Chris Macmillan has achieved the look. He says the little chop was inspired by “Twiggy Meets Mia Farrow” so you know it’s going to be good.

Macmillan wrote on Instagram, “We like inspiration from classic old movies and actresses and somehow make it fresh and new.” “Michelle is growing so it’s a perfect cut for growth.” He used Drink Elephants Wild Marula Tangle Spray (সে 25 in Sephora) to air dry “hair is shiny and not heavy”. He then blows it dry and smooth to reduce heat loss. “Regular trimming and hair structure is the key to a good growth,” he adds.

Williams looks fresh and modern but with old Hollywood energy – for her makeup. Makeup artist Angela Levine certainly used Chanel Beauty on the actor. Soft, pink makeup includes our favorite Chanel N ° 1D Chanel Lip and Chick Balm (বি 45 at Alta Beauty) – a natural-looking glow that looks good on everyone. Levin used the blurry blue Chanel Les 4 Ombres multi-effect quadra eyeshadow over the eyes (র্ড 62 at Nordstrom) and the Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara in Noir (র্ড 35 at Nordstrom) at Dorra. Gorgeous!

You can see Williams (with a brunette Bob!) Show or show, Now, a play by Kelly Richards and her fourth collaboration with the actor. Williams plays Lizzie, a sculptor who works on plays from friends and family on the doorstep of a career-changing exhibition. Williams is getting great reviews, including actor Hong Chou, so it looks like it’s a must see.

StyleCaster |  Ashley Benson interview

Jillian Brown has signed with Donda Sports of Kanye West

Celtic star Jillian Brown has announced that she has signed a deal with Kanye West’s Donda Sports joint before the NBA Finals.

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics - Game Six

Source: Maddie Meyer / Getty

Donda Sports in Kanye West is starting an impressive recruitment season ahead of the summer.

Earlier this year, NFL star Antonio Brown announced that he had signed with Donda Sports. Besides signing, he also announced to be the president of the organization. One of the first things Brown mentioned was his interest in buying the Denver Broncos, which had recently acquired QB Russell Wilson.

This weekend, future NFL Hall of Famer Aaron Donald has announced I am an athlete The podcast he signed with Donda Sports. Donald revealed that he is excited to join the group and that it is consistent with what he and his wife want to do off the field.

Celtics have released Jelen Brown as Donda Sports’ first signatory.

According to TMZ, Celtics star Jaylen Brown is now, technically, the first signatory to DONDA Sports. When the announcement was officially made, Yeh and Zelen joined when Kanye took part in the Celtics and Golden State Games in March.

Brown’s “intelligence, social activism, and charitable work” puts him on the Donda radar, and Yeh thinks he can help Brown get to the next level. On Thursday, Brown and the Celtics will face Golden State in the NBA Finals, and Yay will probably be there to support him.

Joy Crooks ‘skin’ interview on the tour, Brit Awards nominations and much more

It’s a date night for Joy Crooks. The South London singer-songwriter is at home in the UK for the first time in a few weeks, having spent the last month traveling across the pond. In another week, he will complete the European leg of his tour. But first, call romance.

Well, technically, Stylescaster calls him first. Crooks rises above the zoom, when the morning light of his city darkens through the curtains. Crooks admits, “I’m not really good at going on dates, but I’m going on a date with my friends, which is really nice.” Platonic or not, these moments of connection are exactly the kind of experience that inspires Crooks and his music. For Crookes, there is something to be gained from the familiar discomfort.

“I’m pretty interested in something that challenges me,” she shares. “It could be anything – a relationship in my life, a friend, even a situation where I’m not involved. Anything that makes me go, ‘Why?’ I like the challenge of being able to answer ‘why?’ Three to four minute song. My favorite songs I’ve ever written were always a little harder to write because I had to answer some questions. “

It’s really important to connect with childish instincts.

Since the release of his 2021 album, Leather, The British artist is steadily returning to songwriting for his next record, which will mark his second LP since it finally appeared on the scene in 2016. “I did the first one, now I have to do the second one. I’m in the early stages of the writing process, but I’m having a really good time, “said Crooks. “I am forcing myself to have many limitations; I’m trying to replicate how I started making art and music, and it wasn’t too much. It’s really important to connect with innocence and childish instincts. “

At 23 years old, it may seem that Crooks don’t have to go too far back to tap into this space. But when you get started in the music industry as a teenager, it can seem like a lifetime away. Crooks, who was born to a Bangladeshi mother and an Irish father in Lambeth, London, dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to pursue music more seriously. “I thought I was really young and maybe I should have stayed in school. But then I was, ‘Well, I’ve done it now, so there’s nothing to go back to.’ It has to give my best shot. And I’m not good at giving up. “

Joy Crooks 2021 album 'Skin'

Photo: Insanity Records.

It’s safe to say that things worked out for Crooks. After signing a publishing deal at 17, Crooks went on to release three extended plays and was nominated for a Rising Star Award at the 2020 Brit Awards — and it won’t be the last time. Its release follows Leather, Crooks was nominated for two major Brit Awards for Best New Artist and Best Pop / R&B Act, where he was nominated alongside Adele, Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran.

“It was weird to be nominated against some of the biggest artists in the UK!” He says. But for the audience, this is no surprise. With clever lyrics and a jazz powerhouse pipe, Crooks is not only in their league — he’s building a place of his own, where his love for London and his family’s immigrant roots can go to the center.

On the front, Crooks talks about growing up with immigrant parents, the inspiration of his childhood, his experiences on a trip to North America, and more. Read on for Joy Crooks’ Stylescaster in the record interview below.

On growing up with music

“Music has always been a part of my life in the sense that it was always played at home and it was always something I was really interested in. I bought records, I bought albums, I used them. Buy magazines about music and read about new weekly albums. That’s what came out. I was really into music – not necessarily as a musician, but as someone who really liked it. I was a big fan. That doesn’t really change. What I’ve heard has changed. “

On his inspiration

“Frida Kahlo. Connie West. I love Kani. His creative mind is just fantastic — his political mind is nothing. And black female jazz singers in general. Their unconventional nature and the way they have occupied space is probably one of the most inspiring things to me. I find it important to be unforgiving, no matter how difficult it may be. We don’t have many days on this planet. It’s important to say what I want to say and get things out of my chest. “

On lessons from his parents

“I think opportunities are not something that is so easily transferred to you. They can be there, but it’s all about how you catch them. I’ve always had this mentality. I think it’s definitely born of having immigrant parents, but Growing up in a place where many of us are born immigrants. Many of us understand that. You just can’t rock and something will happen, you know what I mean? You really have to work on it. “

I put a lot of pressure on myself when I was younger. Now, I think moderation is essential.

About his family’s reaction to his career

“My dad understood because that’s what we said. He has a very immigrant mentality, in the sense that if I had the chance, why not take it? But it was harder for my mother; she wanted me to continue my studies. Increase. In the background, I probably could have stayed. I don’t think I needed to be so young. It wasn’t the easiest thing. I would say, ‘What did you say ?!’ But I want to think that they are proud. I also think that they know that I have a somewhat perfect mindset, in the sense that I have to fix things. It’s not even their pressure or the pressure of the label. . “

How his songwriting process has changed

“I think I’m much more confident. I have to admit that some of the songs I’ve written are going to be a little worse. When I was younger I put a lot of pressure on myself thinking that every song I wrote needed to be the best. Now, I think moderation is essential. I need to have songs that aren’t necessarily trying to reach for something. Or where I’m trying to reach for something and I can’t catch it. That’s fine. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. As such, the process has changed because I now realize that those songs are part of the process, just like the good songs. “

On the haters

“Sometimes I really like criticism because it means I’m doing the right thing. I don’t want to be everyone’s cup of tea. Especially when it comes to people in my own community, I really enjoy that criticism because it’s like, ‘Oh wow, this is literally what I was trying to write. And you’re just highlighting the problem for me. ‘

Too much praise is too little an insult, though. I think both are harmful. When someone really tries to blow smoke into your ass, it’s just as problematic as when someone tries to drop a bomb on your mountain. “

Like Art Play-Do-it is very flexible.

How fans interpret his music

“What I find really interesting about interpretation is that people really make things their own and I’m happy to do it for them. I can’t control that process. Interpretation makes music such a therapy because you listen to music and You think they’re written for you because they relate to your situation. In many ways, it’s such a nice connection that I don’t want to get into it. So I try not to worry too much about how people interpret music messages. – The message they want to create. “

I got this song called “Fit Don’t Fail Me Now” which is used continuously for soccer in UK and it has nothing to do with feet. It can also be used for a foot fetish ad. I love that! I wrote a pop song about performance, armchair activism, and void culture, and for some reason, it was used in all these super literal contexts. I have no problem with that, because it’s ridiculous to me. Like Art Play-Do-it is very flexible. People can create whatever they want. And that’s amazing. “

His North America tour and upcoming festival

“I love America. I just love acting there. I love how emotional people are. I don’t know what happened on the show in New York, but something happened to me and I started crying half way through. It was not closed. I could not sing my song. But everyone sang my song during ‘Skin’. It was really special.

I’ve also been doing a lot of festivals this year, so this has been a normal development of my live work. It’s something I’m working on that I want to expand and expand. “

This interview has been lightly edited and shortened for clarity.

Tickets for Joy Crookes’ 2022 concert are available for purchase at Ticketmaster. Discounts are also available on StubHub or VividSeats using StyleCaster’s exclusive code, SC15, at আ 15 discount checkout.

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Bella Hadid’s low-rise shorts make me nervous, SOS!

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The Cannes Film Festival has just wrapped up in the south of France ধরে for the past few days, Bella Hadid has been adorning the red carpet with an incredible look from the designer archives. From Tom Ford-era Gucci to Chanel 1986, the supermodel puts herself one-up with her own look and amazes viewers with her fashion. Outside of the red carpet, however, she has made her boldest choice — Bella Hadid’s low-rise boating look has taken the Y2K trend even further (and below the buttocks) than ever before, and if I’m being honest, it seems to be pushing me out now. There is no escape from the rising trend!

Half the fun in the ear is the “off-duty” look that celebrities wear when they go for walks on the beach, play by the pool and pose for paparazzi photos. Since Bella Hadid is already a street-style star, it’s natural to make fashion statements in her downtime. His latest statement is really more than a question: how far can you go? For the past year, Hadid has been a proponent of low-rise genes, and now he’s ready to combine the controversial trend with two more dubious trends: Bermuda shorts and a monokini.

I will admit now, although I was skeptical about the low-rise that I was interested in changing a classic bikini for a monokini – especially after seeing Kim Kardashian trendy earlier this year. Bella Hadid’s Monokini has sealed the deal on this summer’s swimwear trend. Hadid wore a strapless white monokini that accentuated the waist of his watch.

StyleCaster |  Bella Hadid Low Rise

Mega agency.

The swimwear itself is very common with holding a silver ring together াদ Hadid played look up with a huge gold cuff bracelet, gold hoop and matching necklace. It is safe to say that he did not plan to jump into the water.

Monokini would have been trendy on her own, but Bella Hadid never chose simplicity. She paired the swimsuit with Too much Low-rise white Bermuda shorts. As the summer weather hits, it always tempts to take the same pair of denim cut-offs but Bermuda shorts are a dressy option that goes with many looks. If Hadid’s style is too Y2K for you, Megan Merkel has just been spotted wearing a long pair of white summer shorts that could serve as inspiration for the outfit.

StyleCaster |  Bella Hadid Low Rise

Mega agency.

If you can’t go behind a low-rise Bermuda shorts, Bella Hadid’s dress provides a lesson in proportion. Monokini automatically lengthens the torso which is why long shorts were a great choice for balancing length. Hadid not only liked wearing a belt which was probably necessary to keep her low-rise look right, it also broke the monochromatic white of the dress.

StyleCaster |  Bella Hadid Low Rise

Mega agency.

It wouldn’t look like a Bella Hadid street style without her signature little sunglasses. The supermodel always chooses small frames to complete her ensembles. When Bella Hadid usually poses alone on the streets of New York City, she is joined by her boyfriend Mark Calman in Cannes. Hadid and Kalman keep their relationship relatively secret but have only recently been seen and often. I’m still obsessed with them Lizzie McGuire A few days ago in Italy. In Europe, Bella Hadid seems to be in love and summer trend in the lowlands — maybe Y2K isn’t that bad.

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Copper Judge Diana Jenkins declared RHOBH “inconsistent”

Erica Jane teases the upcoming drama between Sutton Strack and Diana at RHOBH

Credit: Mega, Shutterstock / Kathy Hutchins

You are the judge Not here for The real housewife of Beverly Hills Newcomer Diana Jenkins Flaunting his wealth.

During the 12 years of the franchise, viewers were introduced to DianaM Season, and in three episodes, an exchange between Diana and Crystal Kung-Minkoff Diana really caught the attention of fans.

During their conversation, Crystal had to explain what an outlet mall was to a confused Diana, who said she had been sent clothes. Also, he told his team to go to the hotel room ahead of time to make sure it was set up according to his standards.

Per Heavy, it didn’t catch Tamra’s eye, who talked about her abuse of Diana and Teddy Melankamper Two t in a pod The podcast showed Crystal being “more relatable” when she called Diana’s behavior and lifestyle “incoherent.”

“She doesn’t know what an outlet store is, she doesn’t shop, people do it for her, whatever is good for her, whatever. And then he sends people to his hotel room to stay away from the door behind him and all these things. To me, it’s not related and it will turn people off, ”Tamra said.

That is, the franchise is called Real housewife Beverly Hills, Above all. The audience is basically tuned in for a luxurious lifestyle and a certain amount of irrationality and opulence.

However, Tamra says she has no personal grievances with Diana.

“I’m not saying I dislike him, I’m just saying if the whole season goes on like this, he’ll get a lot of hate.” RHUGT: Ex-wife club The star says.

Co-host Teddy says he thinks Diana is going to make a good television.

“I think when you look at the show as a lifestyle show there are some things that he said that are really funny and you like, what, but then there are some things that are going under your skin,” Teddy said.

Current RHOBH Welding members Kyle Richards And Erica Jane Diana also talks about the extreme “over the top” lifestyle and teases the impending tension between them. Sutton streak (Who is also very rich – the woman didn’t even know he owned a baseball team) and Diana this season.

In March, Kyle talked to people while discussing Diana, “Talk about ‘over the top’. She’s too extra. Gone and she saw it all – so she’s a multidimensional woman and I have a lot of respect for her. “

Erica echoed that sentiment as she spoke to Entertainment Tonight.

“You’re talking about someone who doesn’t give an FS? That’s like a mega-level, ”the Pretty messy The author says.

“I think you see something between Sutton and Diana that hurts Diana’s feelings a lot and I think you see the reaction to it because Diana’s feelings hurt so much and I understand why,” Erica continued.

Two of the richest women RHOBH War? You don’t say …

The real housewife of Beverly Hills It currently airs on Bravo on Wednesday night at 8 / 7c.

Why not Prince William, Kate Middleton on Lilibet’s 1st Birthday

Family Relationships. Prince William and Kate Middleton will not attend the first birthday party of Prince Harry’s daughter Lilliput. Lilibet will celebrate her first birthday away from her home state of California and in her father’s country England.

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel are traveling to the UK soon to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend. The four-day weekend of the event will begin on June 2, 2022 with the traditional Trooping of Colors. Lilliput’s birthday also falls on June 4, which is a perfect date to celebrate Harry’s grandmother and her daughter’s big day at the same time. Lillibet was born in June 2021 in Montecito, California and has not been to her father’s country since. Although the whole family is excited to meet Lillibet, according to Cosmopolitan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will not attend Lillibet’s celebration because of an earlier promise. Lilliput’s birthday party will be held at Hargrey and Megan’s UK home in Frogmore Cottage. At the time, William and Kate were scheduled to meet with performers in Wales for a concert to celebrate Queen’s Jubilee at Cardiff Castle due to an earlier commitment.

Prince Harry and Meghan are bringing their two children Lilibet and Archie from California for the festival. They have confirmed their trip to the UK to celebrate the King’s birthday on May 6, 2022. However, the couple was barred from joining the Trooping of Color because they were not members of the royal family. Buckingham Palace issued a statement the same day: “After careful consideration, the Queen has decided that this year’s traditional trooping will be confined to the colorful balcony on Thursday, June 2, between Her Majesty and members of the royal family who are currently in charge of official public affairs on behalf of the Queen.”

Although William and Kate are not attending the Lilliputian celebration, their children প্র Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4 রাজ are tied to Harry’s children after the royal brothers solve their problems. A formula is OK! On May 31, 2022, the magazine stated, “The brothers needed time to settle down. The family, including William, were disappointed with the way Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal family. William sees that Meghan is a good mother and loyal wife and she is truly happy for her brother. Looks like the two of them have healed cracks and come back a lot on the condition of their old friend. Meghan’s distance from Kate also helped to heal the friction [between] Two people. “According to the UK Mirror, Harry and William are texting each other with their children on WhatsApp and FaceTime on a regular basis.

War brothers Robert Lacey skipping William and Kate Lilibet's 1st birthday - here's a look at whether they still have a 'friction' with Harry

Courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers.

To learn more about the conflict between Prince Harry and Prince William, see historian Robert Lacey’s 2020 book, Brothers war. This New York Times And Sunday Times Bestseller, Lacey looks closely at Harry and William’s relationship throughout the year and considers every moment that leads to their final breakup. Their wives Kate Middleton and Megan Merkel are on a different path from the effects of the tragic death of their mother Princess Diana and the pressure of their role in the royal family (William, Future King vs. Harry, The Spare). , Brothers war All the “highs, lows, and prudence” of these brothers’ lives are expressed in a way that has never been given before.

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Charlie XCX interviews his 2022 album ‘Crash,’ festival and his fans

Charlie XCX is doing better than before — here and on other levels. The British lyricist has spent several years releasing his new album, collaborating with amazing artists and traveling around the world. He has just finished the US leg of his tour and is finishing his race in Europe by contacting Stylecaster over the phone.

Charlie’s world tour in support of his fifth studio album Crash, Which was released in March 2022. Rina Sawaima is entering the record with amazing collaborations with pop superstars like Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek. On the record, Charlie explores his ideas about the pop industry – including the tiring effects it has on women. Songs like “The Good Man” and “Used to Know Me” explore what it means to be free from the confines of a relationship and to find one’s best potential in all areas of life. “I think this current record is definitely about the relationship and then about the strength and power structure within yourself,” Charlie tells StyleCaster. “But I still want fans to be able to party to this music. I think this album has a great soundtrack for parties. “

Before the end of his tour, Charlie is celebrating Crush With new collaborations. He is releasing his music at a Doritos concert on June 23, 2022, featuring a virtual performance. Stranger ThingsUpside down alongside 80s legends Soft Cell, The Go-Goose and Corey Hart. The story goes that three iconic bands were on their way to the Doritos Music Festival, but moved to another level and it was never created. Now, they’re back and ready to perform just in time for the release of Charlie XXX Stranger Things Season 4 On netflix

Now more than ever, I think it’s really great that teams exist.

“It’s one thing to be able to share my music with my fans, but to have the opportunity to perform with the most iconic bands and singers is really something out of this world,” Charlie shared with StyleCaster in a press release. “Doritos is doing something really great by giving Stranger Things ‘Live from the Upside Down’ is a new way for fans to celebrate their favorite show. I can’t wait for everyone to join us for this concert!

Charlie XCX's 2022 album, 'Crash'

Photo: Atlantic Records.

Up front, Charlie talks to Stylecaster about his favorite memes from his fans, partying, and his iconic collaboration – including his 2022 track, “Beg for You” with SEVENTEEN’s Vernon.

At the party

“Community places and parties are places where people come together to sing loudly and to dance and celebrate. Now much more than before, I think the parties are really great Exists. My show is kind of like a party. They gig, but they kind of for a season. It feels more post-epidemic than ever before. So it’s really great and something that I’m very grateful to have in my life. “

In festival fashion

“If I attend a festival, I keep the makeup simple. I’m not one for glittering and sticking things on my face. I like to keep it chic. Maybe just a glossy lid and a natural lip, and then just sweat and go party and have fun. I think British and UK festivals are very muddy and rainy, so we always say Wellington boots are essential. Not sure if you actually need them for many festivals in the United States. So in that case, I would say a really sturdy, good shoulder bag or left bag. You’re not talking [Americans] Who calls Fanny Pack? I think you, yes. One of my favorite brands right now is Mark Jacobs’ new line, Heaven. I just like the nice vintage fun t-shirt. ”

I have a really unique and good connection with my fanbase.

In collaboration with Seventeen Vernon

“I love everyone I cooperate with, otherwise I would not have cooperated with them. But I think the Vernon and AG Cook Colab remix in “Beg for You” was particularly unique because it came from Twitter and it happened really fast. I think people started talking online, and it made it clear that they wanted to collaborate. I saw tweets and interview snippets where he talked about my music and myself, which I thought was really sweet and clearly honored that he was in my music. So I felt like it was a long shot when I actually arrived. I think he killed the verse completely. I am very happy that cooperation exists. ”

On his fans

“They are definitely fun and funny. And I love it so much [Charli XCX] There are meme accounts that exist. I like the things they post. I’ve been re-posting them a lot of the time and that’s great. I have a really unique and good connection with my fanbase. I really feel like we got each other and I feel very supported by them. They are great, and they have great taste. “

On performing upside down

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a very brief presence for me, and I’m doing a song of my own, and I’m collaborating with one of the other artists on the bill. You’ll have to wait and see who will tune in to the original show on June 23rd. But it’s very quiet and it’s very iconic. The whole thing is going to be really fun and just really different because we’re not performing on a stage. We’re performing upside-down, a completely different setting from a typical show. So yes, everyone should check out, and to get a ticket, you just have to go and grab a bag Stranger Things Doritos has a little virtual ticket there. And then you can actually come to the show, which will be super hot. ”

This interview has been lightly edited and shortened for clarity.

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An unarmed pregnant black woman has been shot five times by Kansas City Police

New equipment for Lower Saxony police

Source: Photo Alliance / Getty

We pray that one day we won’t have to write any more of these stories but if we say we were optimistic about that wish we will lie to you. Another day, another unarmed black body was shot as police officers “feared for their lives.” Between these stories and the cowardly cops we saw last week, it’s fair to ask if these cops are brave because some people claim they are …

Kansas City Police have shot a pregnant black woman five times

A 26-year-old, pregnant, black woman was shot five times in front of witnesses by Kansas City police officers, according to a Kansas City Star report. A 29-year-old eyewitness who was only identified as “Shedanja” saw the whole thing and said the policeman died ** naturally wrong.

“He did not take out a weapon on them,” he said. “He didn’t even have a stick in his hand.”

Missouri State Highway Patrol has tried to identify the victim Leona Hell And he rode with a man under an armed carjacking suspicion. After getting out of the car and putting her hands up, she told officers she could lie on the ground because she was pregnant. On his way back from the scene, he told officers there was a firearm in the car, eyewitnesses said.

When he started fleeing from the piglets, he was shot 5 times for no reason.

“One, two, three, four, five. I remember because it didn’t stop. They shot five times,” Shedanja said in a phone interview with The Star on Saturday. “I saw him hit the ground and I froze.”

Leona Hale was taken to the hospital where Sergeant. Andrew Bell says he is in stable condition. A gun was reportedly found near the shells.

On Friday, Kansas City Police Department Interim Police Chief Joseph Mabin told KCTV that his officers “never want to be in this situation – not the public as a police department,” Mabin said.

“It simply came to our notice then. I want to assure the public that the scene is safe. There is no ongoing threat. We are committed to being 100% transparent. It’s a holiday weekend. It’s time for friends. This is not the time for violence. “

Looks like these cops have a lot to explain …

Aquarius Horoscope Summer 2022: Redefining Your Love

Summer has come, Aquarius! And although you may feel like partying until dawn, your Aquarius Summer 2022 horoscope says there are still unfinished business that needs to be resolved. As the 21st of June turns into sun-sensitive cancer, it emphasizes practical things that are more mundane, such as your physical well-being and daily work routine. More importantly, this is an opportunity for you to practice more self-care and prioritize your mental health.

However, on a more entertaining note, Lady Venus will enter the co-sign Gemini the next day, adorning your fun-filled fifth house with everything from text exchanges to a plethora of creative opportunities! Before the end of June, a new moon in Cancer on June 28th will bring a chance to tackle items on your to-do list like a champ. How can you continue to find emotional fulfillment in your daily life? The aspiring Mars debuted in Taurus on July 5th, bringing strength and speed to the most personal area of ​​your chart — your home and the fourth home of your family. Use this power to create the home space you’ve always wanted, but beware of the power of fighting at home. Speaking of going inside, the full moon in Capricorn on July 13th will supercharge your subconscious mind and encourage you to strike a balance between your mental and external realities. Fortunately, with Venus falling into Cancer on July 17, you have the energy and insight to make your day a little sweeter, one step at a time.

StyleCaster |  Aquarius zodiac

Adobe. Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

Leo season begins July 22, to bring your attention to your partnership, romantic and otherwise! This celebration season resonates with everything from your desire for recognition to your ability to compromise (or lack thereof) with another person. A new moon in Leo on July 28 will bring you and your loved one a clean slate, allowing you to rethink the terms of your relationship. Expect the unexpected, even if it’s as simple as your emotional reaction to something. As soon as Venus enters this Leo sign on 11th August, some of you can strengthen a romantic connection with someone and take things to the next level.

On August 20th, Mars will begin its pre-retrograde shadow phase on Gemini, supercharging your creative music and intensifying your heart space emotions. Romantically or creatively, it’s important to remember what comes up for review, as it will likely return to the upcoming Mars retreat in October. As the season of Virgo, which will begin on August 22nd, Cosmos is raising a magnifying glass over your personal and professional partnership. By activating your eighth house of shared resources, you may be wondering how you can apply solid boundaries without abandoning intimacy. This is the time to love someone without loving yourself less!

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