Moses Ingram has shared racist messages from Star Wars fans


Moses Ingram has faced racist reactions from Star Wars fans

‘Obi One-Kenobi’ star Musa Ingram The ‘Star Wars’ franchise has received hundreds of racist messages since the premiere of the long-awaited series last weekend, starting with making history as a prominent black woman.

The Emmy-nominated actress (who played the villain investigator in the Disney Plus series OB-One cannabis hunt) shared hateful messages, including a video, thanking her fans for their support.

“Long story short, there are hundreds. Hundreds, “he said in the video. “And I see those of you there wearing a cape for me and it really means the world to me because, you know, nobody can do anything about it.

There is nothing that anyone can do to stop this hatred. And so I question my motives, even saying in front of you that this is happening. “

Moses Ingram reveals that Lucasfilm Axis warned him about racist ‘Star Wars’ fans

Just a few days ago, he revealed that Lucasfilm executives had warned him that he would probably face online harassment from racist ‘Star Wars’ trolls who also targeted POC actors. John Boega, Kelly Marie Tran, Ahmed BestAnd Vivian Lyra Blair.

“It was something that Lucasfilm actually got in front of and said, ‘This is something that, unfortunately, will probably happen. But we are here to help you; you can let us know when it will happen,'” Ingram said.

“Of course, there are always pockets of hatred,” Ingram said. “But I have no problem with the block button.”

Demonstrating solidarity for a long time, Star Wars jumped in support of Ingram amid racist attacks on social media.

It remains to be seen whether the infamous helpless fans will stand up, but it is clear that Moses is as intact as the character he played in the series.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online

Fans wereted no time in rallying around Ingram, who stole every scene in the series, which began 10 years after the dramatic events of “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” where Obi-Wan Kenobi suffered its biggest defeat – its collapse and corruption at its best. Friend and JD apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, who returned to the dark side of the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader.

(He has gained over 6,000 followers since the response started)

Why he didn’t attend Stacey Schroeder’s wedding

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Why She Failed to Attend Stacey Schroeder's Wedding

May 12, Stacy Schroeder And Beau Clark He tied the knot in Rome, Italy, surrounded by close friends and family. Throughout the trip, the couple shared some of their experiences on social media, giving fans a front row seat.

Many viewers wonder, however, why a certain Vanderpump rules Custom – Lala Kent – Missing the big day. Some speculated that he was cut off from the guest list, similarly Sheyana bed.

In an interview for Jeff Lewis LiveLala revealed what actually happened.

“Her wedding was consistent with the schedule of my visit,” she said Heavy. “I canceled [Give Them Lala podcast] The tour was probably already twice, and I just, he understood so much, I informed him immediately. “

The star added, “My FOMO was that I missed such an incredible moment in his life.”

On all castmates Vanderpump rulesAccording to Lala, only two of them crossed the Atlantic.

“I think only Tom Schwartz and Katie,” he said. “Stacey had to shorten the guest list, so some people were excluded, which I can say because Sheana talked about it. Scheana got disinvited. I don’t know. Tom [Sandoval] And Ariana [Madix] Ever been invited. “

In an episode of the May 23 “The Skinny Confidential Him and Her” podcast, Stacey shared that her recent firing had thrown a wrench into her wedding budget – and she had dropped some of her guests from the guest list.

“Really, everyone understands,” Schroeder explained Investigator. “We sent an email saying, ‘Yeah, time is hard, we can’t marry 200 people. That doesn’t mean we don’t like you, but you are not one of my 35 best people. “

Filming for Vanderpump rules Season 10 is set to begin soon.

Pisces Horoscope Summer 2022: Love yourself

Be sure to make room for your inner child this summer, Pisces. After all, your Pisces Summer 2022 horoscope starts with the Sun going through the water sign Cancer, bringing you closer to your heart. By illuminating the fifth house of your truthfulness, passion and self-expression, you take full advantage of this energetic power! Not only do you tend to feel more emotional and enthusiastic, you are allowing your insights to lead you to a creative advancement.

However, before the end of June, your dreamy and enchanted Neptune will be inverted in your zodiac. It will remove the fog that may have clouded your judgment, at least when it comes to your identity and self-awareness. Take your creative passion seriously, because a mental and spiritual new moon of June 28th will continue to shed light on how you will heal through artistic expression. On July 5, Mars will move to Taurus, activating your communication sector and strengthening your desire to learn and share information with others. Warning: There is a possibility of stubborn argument, so stay away from conflict, unless you are in the mood for a good argument! These debates may revolve around your vision for the future, or perhaps you are surrounded by a group of friends. After all, a full moon in Capricorn on July 13 will encourage you to prioritize team effort rather than doing everything yourself.

StyleCaster |  Pisces zodiac

Adobe. Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

Don’t be a clich, but you’re in for a very romantic summer! With Venus joining Cancer with the Sun and Mercury, secret fans and romantic possibilities could emerge from the woodwork in mid-July. However, it can be difficult to stomach at first, as the injured Chiran will retreat from July 19, presenting you with an opportunity to reconcile with past injuries, such as those that have shattered your confidence and self-esteem. Work to be more aware of your victories and achievements, because you deserve praise.

On the 22nd of July the sun will enter Leo with a sparkle, which will inspire you to build your confidence and give you the courage to prioritize both your needs on a daily basis. Fortunately, a new moon in Leo will happen soon, giving you the opportunity to set a goal that allows you to use your time more wisely and get your work done more meaningfully. However, don’t expect instant results, because these things take time!

Moreover, Mars will enter its pre-retrograde shadow phase on Gemini on August 20, which could resurface the unresolved conflict at home. These conflicts may return for review as Mars stations retreat in October, so take note of the themes that may come up! For those of you who are wondering if you should go with a significant other, the next steps regarding Virgo season consolidation can bring perspective. Virgo season from August 22nd will encourage you to take the next step in the relationship, but make sure you are getting the love you deserve. When a full moon occurs in Pisces on September 10, who can you deal with without your love interest, friendship and partnership. Who are you when you stand alone; On your own two feet? Take the time to love that person, Pisces!

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Bud when Texas Governor Greg Abbott visits the School Shooting Memorial

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas While visiting the site, I met an emotional and agitated crowd Uvalde school shooting.

On SundayAbbott was scolded by a crowd of outside spectators Rob Primary School. The site was the scene of a tragic massacre last week that claimed lives 21, including two academics and 19 students in second, third and fourth grades. Since then, a huge temporary memorial has sprouted. Some shouted at the governor to change the gun law, others shouted at him “out of shame”.

Since the mass shootings, Abbott has been lax for failing to change gun laws and for his comments shortly after the tragedy. During a news conference, the Republican governor said, “It could have been worse,” citing the death toll. He also praised the officers for bringing down the shooter. However, he acknowledged that he had been misinformed about the timing of the officers’ response, and said that he was “outraged” that despite the heavy police presence at the school during the shooting, law enforcement did not involve the shooter. Salvador Ramos, 18, At least 45 minutes. He was eventually killed by police.

Judiciary Has announced that it will conduct an investigation into why officers failed to act quickly as soon as the genocide took place. Abbott said the new law would be effective in the area of ​​mental health, but not something that would address the issue of stricter gun laws.

“Anyone who suggests we should focus on background checks instead of mental health, I’m advising you that this is wrong,” Abbott said.

Virgo Horoscope Summer 2022: Moving Forward

All the work and no game puts a Virgo under extreme stress! Fortunately, your Virgo Summer 2022 horoscope says it’s time to reunite with your best friends and surround yourself with like-minded people who share the same hopes and dreams. After all, the cancer season starts on June 21st and it’s activating the 11th house in your community! And with the next day entering the charming Venus Gemini, you are more likely to create buzz and reap the benefits while in a more socially driven setting.

Ironically enough, Neptune will retreat towards the end of June, which will probably start to clear the fog that has clouded your relationship one by one. Having said that, your perception of a significant other (personally or professionally) may begin to change as you gain more clarity. However, a new moon in Cancer on June 28 is actually a good opportunity for a colleague to warm up or ask a friend for moral support. Don’t be afraid to rely on your team!

Once around July, the ambitious Mars will start a fire in the ninth house of your adventure, bringing your focus back to your long-term vision, your belief system and your desire for new experiences. Some of these experiences may revolve around friendships and / or collaborations, so feel free to share your ideas and get feedback from others! Your insights will speak louder than you used to, so pay attention to what it says. July 13 The full moon in Capricorn is bound to bring some fruit by any means, because it will activate the fifth house of your play, passion and joy of love. Embrace your creative spark, as it sparkles with lightning!

StyleCaster |  Virgo zodiac

Adobe. Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

After celebrating your victory, you may decide to return to your safe place after the July 22 Leo season arrives Don’t feel too comfortable with this short energetic break, as an amazing new moon will attract you to Leo on July 28th. Off guard you have nothing to stress about, just remember!

In early August, Mercury – your cosmic ruler – will move into your zodiac, increasing your intellectual power and sharpening your self-esteem. Not only will this help you to ground your point of view and capture the details, it also brings you the opportunity to see a particular situation in a whole new way. However, you can create a big idea behind the scenes, especially with Venus joining the Sun through the 12th house of your invisible energy. Keep your best kept trade secrets to the chest. Some of you may even choose to hide with a lover you are incredibly passionate about… just saying!

Also, just days before the start of your birthday season, Mars will make its stimulus debut in Gemini, bringing energy and traction to your career from August 20th. Stick to it, because things are going to be * very * interesting in your professional life. Wondering if you can get another job offer? If the opportunity is really worth the salt, you might even consider moving for work. Let’s just say, Virgo season will start with a push, then on August 27th Virgo will have a very busy new moon that will lead you to success. Summer may finally be over, but make no mistake এটি it’s coming with lots of exciting new beginnings!

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A $ AP Rocky says he and Rihanna look “normal” together

In addition to being madly in love, A $ AP Rocky Glad he and Rihanna Complement each other well.

The “What’s up” Sitting with the rapper Shocked magazine, Where she talked about her romance with singer-billionaire beauty mogul. The two are often credited as one of the most fashionable and beautiful couples in entertainment. However, A $ AP says they don’t have to try hard.

“It simply came to our notice then. We naturally look beautiful together, ”he shared. She jumps on their fashion choices and admits with the play that RiRi often borrows her clothes.

“Sometimes we match the tee, or we wear the same outfit. If I buy a shirt of his choice, I hope it will be stolen, but then I have to steal it, “he shared.

During her chat with Dazed, A $ AP also talked a bit about parenting, sharing that she hopes to raise “free-spirited” children who do not discriminate and have great imagination.

“Actually, I just want a quiet child with calm parents,” he explained.

After a brief dating a few years ago, the couple managed to distance themselves from the A $ AP Friends Zone, despite being longtime friends. 2020, When the couple gave love another shot. Earlier this month, they welcomed a baby boy together. An insider told people that Rihanna was “scared” for their son, whose name was not released. The Fenti Beauty The founder has kept a low profile since birth, as she enjoys and adjusts to motherhood, according to sources.

Men’s Festival Fashion Trends 2022: What Do Boys Wear At A Music Festival?

The long-awaited, timely return of the summer festival season is making for a far-reaching speaker – and when you Finally Returning to your favorite, you will hopefully sway the trends of the 2022 Best Men’s Fashion Festival.

We caught a glimpse of the best 2022 festival fashion trends for men in Coachella’s sunny border last April, but every weekend, more festivals come back – with your men’s outfits likely to be bigger, better and bolder.

Of course, some festivals came back last autumn, but summer is the best time to show off the expressive fashion trends কম the styles that made their way from the runway to your wardrobe, no less. Check out our picks for the best 2022 Festival Men’s Fashion Trends to upgrade you to headliner-worthy status, from statement shades to workwear and more.

Mesh tops can be the coolest of the summer festivities, and they add some runway-ready flair to a more sophisticated look (fake tops will undoubtedly be the most attractive part of your combination). With black canvas shorts and black skate sneakers, give the top a chance to talk in the air.

    Men's Festival Fashion Trend 2022: A Guide to What to Wear at a Music Festival for Boys

Photo: Courtesy of Zara.

The corrugated textured net mesh top is a trendy, cool version of the tank top.

Statement sheds have never really gone away, but this year’s harvest is more daring and visually appealing than you expected. Anyone can look great in aviator sunglasses, but when those shades are maximized with colored lenses? You will stand comfortably in the festive crowd.

Ray Ban Standard Icon Polarized Aviator Men's Festival Fashion Trends 2022: A Specific Guide to What to Wear at a Music Festival for Boys

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Say goodbye to your classic aviators and take color to the next level with this new pair.

You can combine workwear with the cold weather of autumn and winter, but there is also a way to make it work for you during the summer festivities. Agree with both the past and the present with a graphic tee that shows you know. Also, a T-E keeps you cooler than a canvas jacket when climbing mercury.

Carhart's Work on Organic Cotton Graphic Tea Men's Festival Fashion Trend 2022: A Specific Guide to What to Wear at a Music Festival for Boys

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.

This organic cotton workwear is delicately stylish and durable for repetitive festive wear (after a good wash, i.e.).

Jean shorts seem to be positively * everywhere * these days, with some early spring festivities — a trend that won’t diminish anytime soon. If you want to make jean shorts that are versatile and yet unique to you, then aim for a solid color, a regular fit and minimal hassle.

Zara Denim Shorts Men's Festival Fashion Trend 2022: A Guide to What to Wear at the Music Festival for Boys

Photo: Courtesy of Zara.

You can make a bet at a summer festival ড denim shorts with room for movement এবং and your dad would wear them without those 80s Stone Wash.

Pick your choice: Do you prefer bold floral prints or more vibrant tie-dye offers? There are plenty of options in both categories, but it’s the airy, washed-out tie-dye look we like the most — we think you’ll feel the same way. What if you find a shirt that manages to blend almost both trends seamlessly? We say go for it – Harry Style will approve.

Tie Die Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt Men's Festival Fashion Trend 2022: A Specific Guide To What To Wear At A Music Festival For Boys

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.

From lay-flat camp collars (another nice trend) to a vibrant mix of tie-dye colors, this shirt checks all the right boxes this summer festive season.

At STYLECASTER our goal is to bring style to people, and we only feature products that we think you will like. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.

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North Carolina man sentenced to life in prison for killing $ 10M lottery winner

A Lottery winners He will spend the rest of his life in jail for killing his girlfriend.

Michael Todd Hill Made news in August 2017 When he won a scratch off ticket $ 10 million Inside Brunswick County, North Carolina. At the time, he was a nuclear plant worker and took a handful of money $ 4,159,000 after tax. His life seemed to be on an optimistic track, but things took a sad turn July 20, 2020When his 23-year-old girlfriend, Keona Graham, He was reported missing by his mother when he failed to show up for his job as a correctional officer.

Her body was found inside a room Surf Stay Hotel The next day by the housemaid. An autopsy confirmed that he had been shot in the head while sleeping. Hill was arrested on July 22 and confessed to killing Graham because he thought he was texting other men while at the hotel. The two had a relationship for about a year and a half.

Friday, May 27, Judge Joshua Willey Punished The 54-year-old was sentenced to life in prison Without the possibility of parole. He was also given 22-36 months for possession of firearms by a criminal.

Hill was married when he won his lottery. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Lisa Rinna leaked text from a man threatening to “reveal” her

Lisa Rinna leaked the text from the man when she clapped her hands

Credit: PAPIXS ​​/ INSTARimages

Lisa Brest It’s there again.

In the last few weeks, d The real housewife of Beverly Hills The star was involved in an Instagram attack against several of her customers.

Last week, it was seen Kathy Hilton Calling Lisa, shared a secret quote about narcissistic behavior. Now, there seems to be another mystery to solve.

On May 29, Lisa posted a screenshot of a text from a number that was not stored in her contacts.

The text said, “Lisa, you have to stop your rumors and lies about me. I can reveal a lot about you … “

Lisa writes at the top of the picture, “You’ve exposed yourself … Hey, you can’t wait to see what you’ve got to expose.”

The sender’s number was visible as soon as Lisa posted.

Many fans speculated that the sender was Cathy’s assistant. One fan even wrote, “I just called the number and they said ‘hello this is Kathy Hilton’s executive assistant.'”

Simultaneously named one Instagram user Patrick Somers Came out and demanded He Was the sender.

He wrote, “@lisarinna … I suggest you drop your post before suing or leaking your number because you think my leak is acceptable.”

He then appears to have kept his promise, posting a number belonging to Lisa.

“Why are you starting a drama with someone who, half your age, has overtaken the ancient dinosaurs?”[.] Anyway here is Lisa’s number since she posted me [number redacted]”Patrick wrote.

The user then explains, “Remember কারণ the reason is that the production has started in a series called ‘Real Swami’s Sunset’ and the series is set to compete with real housewives and it has all the male cast.” . . . (I’m a member) We met Lisa to get some pointers for our first season and the drama started from the beginning.

Patrick added, “I don’t really like drama … but imagine a 70-year-old woman [sic] I’m starting to play with you because you tried to check on him personally. “

Recently, Lisa published another series of cryptic posts, some of which seem to address Kathy’s own posts about narcissists.

First, Lisa revealed, “When you don’t have a story line and you’re annoying, I guess you have to push against something and ask a lot of questions. Right? Ha. Annoying.”

Lisa then shared two quotes about the narcissist. The first reads, “Narcissists do not always see themselves as victims, no matter how horrible they may be to others.” The problem for them is not their false deception theft and abuse. The problem is that you’re starting to notice these things. “

The second said, “Don’t let anyone blame you for what they did. Blaming the abuse is what the abusers do. “

In the other two posts, the actress wrote, “I laughed all the way to the bank. Honey, “and,” I was put on this earth to shed feathers. “

Exclusive clip of ‘The Family Chantel’

There is a new season “The Family Chantel” On the way and got an exclusive first look at BOSSIP.

TLC’s fan-favorite series will premiere for the fourth season on June 6 and there are fireworks in front – because someone wants to go out of the country for surgery.

Family Chantelle

Source: The Family Chantelle / TLC

In an exclusive clip, we see it Winter In the end, despite his constant efforts to get his ex Jah back, he left. Now to truly leave the relationship in the past, she decides to have bariatric surgery.

Family Chantelle

Source: The Family Chantelle / TLC

But there is only one catch; Winter wants the procedure done in Tijuana, Mexico, because that’s where TikTok’s “Weight Loss Barbie” method was.

Family Chantelle

Source: The Family Chantelle / TLC

Winter’s mother Karen and sister Chantelle are probably worried about his cheating [or worse!] So they decided that what they really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

“I think bariatric surgery is the best option for her but the winter has proved foolish in the past so I think she has a little too much confidence in this surgery in Mexico,” Chantelle said.

“It’s really risky,” Karen said.

Family Chantelle

Source: The Family Chantelle / TLC

Winter, however, is adamant that surgery in Tijuana is more affordable and since there are fewer pre-requisites, it is the best option.

“I made this decision on my own and I want to do it so I’m going to do it,” Winter said.

Take an exclusive look below.

“The Family Chantel” Season 4

An official show description notes that there is much more drama going on for Chantelle, her husband Pedro and their family.

Five years of marriage, Chantelle and Pedro have hit a rough patch and what they can agree on is that they have to take serious steps to save their love. Pedro’s sister Nicole has a clear break with Alejandro and is focusing on herself and her future. She has even entered the Miss Dominican Republic pageant and is undergoing rigorous training until a surprise visit from Alejandro stops her from playing.

Inspired by a success story she saw on social media, Winter is undergoing bariatric weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. With new confidence she is looking for new love after Jah.

River decides it’s time to leave home and turns to Pedro for support. Pedro’s relationship with his mother and sister is still strained, which has not helped the two families bury the hatchet since moving to the Dominican Republic last season. When Chantelle and Pedro are fighting to save their marriage, will their families gather to support them or drive the last nail in the coffin?

“The Family Chantelle” Season 4 premieres Monday, June 6 with 12 new episodes on TLC!

Join the conversation using #TheFamilyChantel.

Produced by Sharp Entertainment, an industrial media company for Family Chantel TLC.