Mo’Nique and DL Hughley Continue Comedy Show Contract Dispute; Monique added

Monique And DL Hooghly Continuing to back down over a contract dispute tied to a comedy show, Monique says she was originally supposed to be the headline.

Over the past few days, two iconic comedians have been confronted when Mo’Nique recently revealed how he was taken advantage of in a business deal where he claimed that he was originally convinced to head a comedy show. . During the set, he called Dale Hooghly, apparently claiming that he had played a role in replacing him as the headliner of the comedy show.

In their argument, both comedians are posting receipts after receipts showing the arrangements for their alleged contracts. On Tuesday, Mo’Nique responded to Hughley by posting his contract memo, which was printed on March 29, 2022, saying that Hughley would be “closing” the show, among other things. Mo’Nique took to social media and posted receipts, including allegations of email exchanges between a performance deal, Mo’Nique’s team and comedy shows, event schedules, and more. Monique’s performance contract was signed on March 28, 2022.

“There were some of you who were fooled by the smoke and mirrors of posting his deal memo” versus his “performance contract”. Here’s my performance agreement and here are the emails and texts that make sure I’m always going to keep it real and honest with my people as usual. If you notice I have a signature and no DL. Which type of iron-clad contract does not have the signatures of the participants? Apparently DL’s. Haha !, ”wrote Monique.

“Now, you asked me to check with my management and I brought it, so how do I do it? Perhaps you should have taken your own advice, as I am sure your team will advise you against trying to pass a deal memo as a deal, “he continued.

In response, Hooghly maintained his position on his “contract”, saying he was going to be the headliner and mentioned that the promoters should be held responsible for the problem.

“Maaaan… Hicks Media Inc. ?? Hold on !! That’s you !!! You’re really showing everyone a contract submitted by your own company. I smell bad and it wasn’t written on the old donkey’s birth certificate! Stop [CAP]!!, “Hughley said in an Instagram post that included a video of Mo’Nique’s performance pact.

“Explain to me now how my shit was distributed and you didn’t have it ?? Your problem with” Hicks Media Inc. “seems to me. Can we please enforce 3 knockdown rules ?? – Daryl Lynn Hooghly Gone.

Jemele Hill made $ 200k less than Michael Hill in ‘His & Hers’.

Jemmel Hill revealed that ESPN paid him $ 200,000 less than “His and Tears” co-host Michael Smith.

Progress of blacks in sports champions and legendary awards

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

Jemmel Hill has a career in journalism that began with her local paper which became global. In 2018, when she left ESPN, she moved on with her career and became an entrepreneur and business woman.

Hill often says that when he left ESPN, he did a job for seven people. Recently, Gemle was a guest of Revolt Assets on Liability And that reflects the very career path. On the show, he highlighted the differences in business aspects at different levels of journalism.

“I was really serious about the business side of journalism until I got to ESPN because I got to see what people have created,” he explained. “I was like, ‘Oh, is that possible ?!’ ESPN made me really grow up because it was a different game to the level I was at before. This was the first time I had an agent and the first time I really had to learn how to manage my money. “

Jemel Hill revealed that he was paid about a quarter-million less than his co-host on ESPN.

Gemle used his lessons as a way to warn others in journalism and business to be serious about all aspects of the game. He revealed that he earned more than k 200k from his co-host His & Horse, which he did at ESPN in his time.

“I was earning $ 200,000 less than him even though we were doing the same thing,” Hill continued. “It’s not so much about your value, it’s about what you discuss. I started at ESPN on such a low salary to get started. One of them is, ‘We will see how it works like a contract. A 2-and-2 deal: a two-year contract with a two-year option, one of the worst contracts I’ve ever signed. “

It’s not uncommon for women to be the victims of unfair wages, but it’s nice to see Gemle and others talking while we’re working to change that. These stories can help the next person to discuss better and get what they deserve.

You can watch the whole episode with him Assets on Liability Down.

Anita Baker stopped the show to thank the rapper Chance for helping her recover

Legendary singer Anita is unemployed After securing his masters, after giving credit he came back and better than before Chance the rapper Helps him to win such a huge feat.

His time Sunday, May 29 concert in Las Vegas at the Venetian TheaterThe “Body and soul” The vocalist took a break from singing in recognition of the rapper to help him regain control of his master recordings from his former record label. Chance, who did not tell Baker that he would be present, watched from the audience as he praised her for her selfless efforts.

“Would you say hello to a friend of mine through the music industry, by helping me get hold of my master record? Mr. Chance the rapper is there. ” 63 years old The announcement, immediately followed by jubilation from the crowd. Chance stood briefly and shook hands before regaining his seat.

After the concert took a chance Twitter He praised Baker and called his show “one of the greatest performances of my life.” Grammy Award winning R&B icon Replying to his tweet, he revealed that he did not know he would be there but seeing him “brought tears” to his eyes.

While it is not clear what role Chance Baker played in the recovery of his masters, in previous months, he has been vocal about his struggles with ownership of his music. Anita Baker even encouraged fans to stop streaming her records with hits “Sweet love” And “Caught in the rapture,” As a form of protest. However, his loyal supporters rejoiced September 2021 When he revealed that he had won the battle for his music.

Butt-Lifting Swimwear 2022: The Best Swimwear Options To Improve Your Left

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If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an approved commission.

Summer has arrived (huh, 2022 has flown, am I right?), And if you want to redesign your current swimsuit lineup with some butt-lifting swimsuits that (already pretty AF) flatter Darrier, we’ve got you covered. . It has always been my position that a cheek cut is more flattering than the fuller coverage option regardless of the size of your booty আমি I mean, seriously, is there anything worse than the bottom of an unpleasant, extra-loose bathing suit that looks like a straight-up? Diapers That needs to change.

Obviously, the cut, design, and coverage you choose depends entirely on you and your level of comfort, but there are plenty of options for lifting and sculpting a swimsuit, regardless of how much you want to reveal your back. The market is designed to grow behind you.

You see, shopping for swimwear can be uncomfortable — not to mention wearing them in public — and some days, we just want our butts to look like peach emojis as much as possible — regardless of whether we adhere to our spin class schedule, Or caving in PMS spells, or indulging in pizza and wine whenever possible. In this situation, there is no better feeling than to fall off that go-to, butt-lifting swimsuit that we never seem to fail — even the days when we are not feeling our best (hey, we all have those days with time). Regardless of how much we love our body or how confident we are).

Whether you’re looking for a chubby Brazilian bikini or a chic one-piece that’s your highlight DonkeyAnd, we’ve rounded up the most stupid, backside-enhancing swimsuits that will help remind you how hot you are (left and right).

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Victoria's Secret Juma Eatsy Swim Bottom

Photo: Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret Juma Eatsy Swim Bottom

For those who like a little skimper fit, these affordable, butt-lifting bottoms won’t disappoint. High-rise cut and thick waistband function like a push-up bra for you Back

StyleCaster |  Butt lifting swimsuit

Courtesy of Cupshe.

Caps Deep V One-Piece Swimwear

This super smoldering wrap swimsuit gives you medium to light coverage on the back while still feeling sexy, while the details of the tie give a clockwise effect.

StyleCaster |  Butt lifting swimsuit

Bikini courtesy of Frankie.

Frankie Bikini Tia Floral Terry Bikini Bottom

Not only are they sexy, tie-string bikinis are the ultimate butt-enhancing bottom because they are adjustable, allowing you to control the erection and lifting factor.

StyleCaster |  Butt lifting swimsuit

Photo: Boyfriend and Friend.

Boyfriend and friend Willow Bottom

I do a cherry-or any beautiful fruit-print stain and these high-cut, chubby bikini bottoms are already in my cart.

Andy the Kaikos Bottom

Photo: Andy.

Andy the Kaikos Bottom

These andy bikini bottoms hug your buttocks in all the right places High-cut leg and wide straps give your left a fine lift.

Everlane the High-Rise Hipster Bottom

Photo: Everlane.

Everlane the High-Rise Hipster Bottom

Everlane’s high-rise hipster bottoms are the perfect way to make your butt look extra worn. And if you’re looking for a more sustainable alternative, these bottoms are made from 82 percent ECONYL yarn, a 100 percent regenerated nylon fiber made from waste.

StyleCaster |  Butt lifting swimsuit

Courtesy of Madewell.

Madewell Second Wave Bikini Shorts Bottom

These ridiculously flattering shorts bottoms are the perfect match if you want to give your back a little boost without showing too much real skin.

StyleCaster |  Butt lifting swimsuit

Courtesy of Solid and Striped.

Solid and striped Ann Mary One Piece

This classic, high-cut swimsuit serves the main “Bewatch” vibe – and yes, I’m here for it.

StyleCaster |  Butt lifting swimsuit

Courtesy of Viottiset.

These high-cut Brazilian-ish bottoms are perfect for those looking for a little extra coverage in the mid-division but still want to show off some loot.

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An unarmed pregnant black woman has been shot five times by Kansas City Police

New equipment for Lower Saxony police

Source: Photo Alliance / Getty

We pray that one day we won’t have to write any more of these stories but if we say we were optimistic about that wish we will lie to you. Another day, another unarmed black body was hit by a bullet as police officers “feared for their lives.” Between these stories and the cowardly cops we saw last week, it’s fair to ask if these cops are brave because some people claim they are …

Kansas City Police have shot a pregnant black woman five times

A 26-year-old, pregnant, black woman was shot five times in front of witnesses by Kansas City police officers, according to a Kansas City Star report. A 29-year-old woman who was only identified as “Shedanja” saw the whole thing and said the cops were dead ** Naturally wrong.

“He did not take out a weapon on them,” he said. “He didn’t even have a stick in his hand.”

The Missouri State Highway Patrol attempted to arrest an unidentified victim and his accomplice on suspicion of armed robbery. After getting out of the car and putting her hands up, she told officers she could lie on the ground because she was pregnant. On his way back from the scene, he told officers there was a firearm in the car. When he started fleeing from the piglets, he was shot 5 times for no reason.

“One, two, three, four, five. I remember because it didn’t stop. They shot five times,” Shedanja said in a phone interview with The Star on Saturday. “I saw him hit the ground and I froze.”

The pregnant woman was taken to the hospital where the sergeant. Andrew Bell says he is in stable condition. A gun was reportedly found near the shells.

Looks like these cops have a lot to explain …

Noella Bergner’s RHOC Reunion Reggae, Rookie Mistake shared

RHOC's Noella Bergner reveals that she met her boyfriend 3 years ago, clarifying the timeline of the relationship between James's erratic divorce, plus reflection in the debut season

Noella Bergner He wanted to get peace The real housewife of Orange County Season 16 Reunion. Unfortunately, while tapping into that mentality, he was finally left with a big regret.

Noella, who joined the Bravo reality series in 2021, admits before opening up about her Rocky mistakes and the biggest splurge she made, that when it came to reunions, she had something to say to a customer that she had come back to.

“There was a moment of reunion,” Noella admitted in the May 23 episode Housewife to housewife. “I was so well behaved because I really wanted to go there with a healing attitude and in the end we became friends so I let a lot of things slide that still haunt me.”

According to Noella, he wants to “call out” a special moment from a particular moment, although he did not disclose what that moment was. That said, he has teased a future revelation.

“So [I have] Regret in the sense that I just wanted to be in a stronger position so that I could speak my mind a little more. [But] I could be a pull [Margaret Josephs] And just hold on to it. There is a receipt. Timing is everything, ”he shared, agreeing to Margaret’s release Bill AydinIts past events in its premiere episode The real housewife of New Jersey Season 12.

In addition to regretting some reunions, Noella also believes she made a big mistake in her first year.

“I really went into my season for friendship and I think it was a little silly,” he explained. “I was going to a very strong group of friends who have been doing this for a long time and where I shared my feelings in a relationship. So it was something that made me feel stronger and smarter. “

When Noella was asked about her recent biggest splurge, she revealed some weird buys.

“I’m crazy about fresh plants. They’re so high maintenance. I like it even though it’s probably a bit for maintenance. It makes me very happy, “she said of her love for botany.

Also during the Bravo Special, Noella looked back on her first moments on the show, saying that when she started bragging about her life and ending her relationship with her estranged husband James BergnerHis attempts to portray his “most perfect image” were not entirely effective.

“When I first entered, I was proud of a husband who disappeared just a few days later to reach your headspace where you just want to express your most perfect image and you want to be well received and you want it new friends. The group is there to worship you and to see you with all this admiration and respect, “Noella explained.

“But it’s a reality and you have to deal with those deep issues at some point,” he added.

The real housewife of Orange County Season 17 is expected to go into production later this year.

Why he missed Madison’s engagement party

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm explains why she didn't join Madison Lecroy's engagement party, Season 8 "Going to be a good one"

Patricia Altschul He’s talking about why he wasn’t there when he wasn’t present Madison Lecroy And Brett Randall Celebrated their engagement earlier this month.

On Instagram, after being asked by a fan who wanted to know if he had been invited to Madison’s wedding, Patricia revealed the reason for his absence while addressing the upcoming eighth season. Southern CharmWhich he told his online viewers was “going to be a good one.”

“Weren’t you invited to Madison’s wedding?” Fans asked a few days ago.

“It was an engagement party and I was in Savannah,” Patricia explained.

Southern Charm Patricia Altschul explains why she didn't attend Madison's engagement party

As Patricia explains in a separate Instagram post, she traveled to Savannah to appear in an upcoming documentary based on the life of her late friend, a fashion icon. Andre Leon TallyFormer Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, who died in January.

“Big News ……… Andre Leone is going to be a documentary on Tally and I’m here at Savannah’s SCAD to tell us the vignettes of our 30 years of friendship,” Patricia wrote in a photo on Instagram on May 20, sitting in front of the camera.

Although she was not joined by her friend, Patricia, Madison could not be happier with the results of her and Brett’s engagement party, saying, “Honestly this engagement party was 10/10,” because she shared a slideshow of photos taken here.

A few days after moving to Savannah, Patricia returned to Instagram, where she shared a clip Southern Charm And he tells his fans and followers that the new episodes will be “good”.

“Jello Shot” is the new season of lower class 7 [Southern Charm] It will start on June 23 and it will be a good one. “

Madison and Brett, who recently bought a বাড়ি 1.5 million home in Charleston, plan to get married later this year.

“A lot of people are asking me when I’m getting married. I mean, I’m going to marry her tomorrow, “Madison shared on Instagram Live earlier this year.” Southern Charm My marriage will not be cast because, as I said, we are having a family. And that’s kind of it. “

During the same social media session, Madison confirmed that Brett would not be seen Southern Charm.

“I don’t have a fianc Southern Charm. I hate to say that. But you know, it’s not just his thing. And not only that, I want to make it work, “he explained.

Southern Charm Season Eight premieres on Thursday, June 23, at 9 / 8c in Bravo.

EltaMD’s Anti-Aging Tinted Face Sunscreen is a must have

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an approved commission.

In our ideal world, Versatile product Will dominate our daily beauty routine. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to save time and money by getting ready every morning. “Kill two birds with one stone?” Do you know this? Well, if we tell you that there is one Colored face sunscreen That could actually kill three?

The sunscreen we’re talking about is EltaMD’s UV Daily Moisturizer, a Hero product that works A sunscreen, moisturizer and light glow Absolutely. It’s none other than Hailey Bieber, who has some serious words of praise for the 3-in-1 essential.


I have tried to prepare my daily skin preparation / situation but my time is running out. At the end I added a little glow to my cheeks and brushed my eyebrows

Texas Sun – Khruangbin and Leon Bridge

“A lot of sunscreen peels off my skin and this is my Holy Grail,” he said in a YouTube video for El. She used it in one of her TikTok GRWM videos to show off her quick and easy daily skin preparation routine. You can see that it has added a dewy, bronze hue to its color.

Now, no such word shock. EltaMD is known for its effective sunscreens that fuse skin care and sun protection, but this formula takes it a notch with a natural-looking glow. You can push your foundation with it 3-in-1 time and money saving. Even better is the ability of this product to fight against the visible signs of aging

You know that value when a product reaches Holy Grail status Hailey Bieber. Keep reading to hear more about how This sunscreen wears a lot of hats And solves a bunch of skin concerns at once. Also, it’s priced below $ 35, which is quite a bargain for sun protection, skin care and light coverage.

Related: Haley Bieber uses a specific guide for each skincare product: $ 4 Lip Left to $ 400 Face Sculptor

EltaMD Tinted Face Sunscreen

Photo: LTMD.

Let’s start with the obvious: Sun protection. At its core, this product is a facial sunscreen with an SPF of 40. Dermatologists recommend that you wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily. It provides UVA and UVB (AKA Broad-Spectrum) protection, which means it protects your skin from both types of UV light. UVA has everything to do with skin aging, while UVB works with skin burns.

This colorful facial sunscreen clearly checks the box for sun protection, but what about its skin care benefits? The formula employs hyaluronic acid to moisturize and help your skin Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its sidekick ingredient, Vitamin E, also plays a role in the anti-aging power of sunscreen, blocking your skin from free radicals.

Last but not least, this sunscreen has a subtle, natural-looking glow. You can wear it yourself or add more coverage to the foundation of your choice.

With a Near-perfect rating on the Darmstore site, Thousands of reviewers have shared Bieber’s love for this versatile product “This tinted mineral sunscreen has great hydration and no white case. Perfect for my sensitive skin, “wrote one reviewer.

Another buyer says, “I use a nice, light SPF every day. It applies nicely and sits perfectly under makeup, it doesn’t separate. Also great for acne-prone skin. Hero products! ”

To get the most beautiful, warm, glossy color in time for summer, go to the dormstore to buy Haley Bieber’s ride-or-die sunscreen.

StyleCaster |  Ashley Benson interview

Britney Cartwright poses in swimsuit after losing 34 pounds

Top pPhoto: Britney Cartwright poses in swimsuit after losing 34 pounds, how much more will the Vanderpump rule alum have to lose to get the target weight?

Brittany Cartwright Jenny has lost 34 pounds since joining Craig as spokeswoman in January.

On Sunday night, while showing off her weight in a swimsuit, d Vanderpump rules alum, who welcomed her first child, son Cruise Michael CowchiWith husband Jacques Taylor In April 2021, he confirmed that he was proud of the weight he had lost. Then, he shared his goals and revealed how many more pounds he would have to lose to get there.

While hosting a “Ask Me a Question” session on her Instagram story, Britney responded to a fan who wanted to know how much weight she had lost.

“So far I’ve lost 34 pounds in the program,” Brittany replied. “I also feel like I’m okay with being in a bathing suit and liking it, it’s incredible for me. I am very proud. I am very happy with my success. It’s been great. “

Vanderpump rules Britney Cartwright in bathing suit after losing 34 pounds

Another fan asked Brittany, “Are you overweight?”

And while Brittany, who has been outspoken about her baby’s weight struggles, is close by, she’s not quite there – and once she’s there she has a few more pounds she wants to lose.

“So far I want to lose like 10, maybe 15 pounds more. With the program my goal is to lose a total of 40. So I’m at 34 now. And only six pounds left! Looks so proud!” She gushed.

Vanderpump rules Britney Cartwright Jenny Craig revealed the target weight in the ride

Although Brittany has seen a lot of success in recent months, she has helped along the way.

“One of my favorite things about the Max Up program is that you have a coach you meet once a week,” he said. “If you start on the plateau, he can help you. If you are on a diet, it is normal. They can help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated. It’s beautiful. “

Vanderpump rules Brittany Cartwright speaks to weight loss coach

Also during her Instagram story session, Brittany confirmed that she is engaged to Jenny Craig on the Max Up program.

“I stick to the program. How do you think I’ve lost 34 pounds since January? He asked a curious follower.

In January, shortly after she joined Jenny Craig, Brittany made a statement to her online audience.

“I’m so excited to share this exciting news with you! I’m officially joining [Jenny Craig] As their new spokesperson! He wrote on Instagram. “Since losing the cruise, my weight loss and fitness journey has been no secret – I’ve tried everything. It’s something I’ve struggled with and I’m working towards as a goal.”

He added, “I’m not only excited to finally get on with this little muckkin, I’m ready to start my new chapter in 2022 by recovering physically and mentally.”

When Vanderpump rules Returning to Bravo for the 10th season, Brittany will not be a part of it as she and Jacques left the series in December 2020.

I tried Peace in Dark Spot Serum at Skincare: My Honest Thoughts

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I know everyone and their mom told us not to pick the jit because then it would leave scars, but I just can’t help myself. When I see a big honking whitehead on my face, all I want to do is pop in and out of my system. But, of course, it leads to stains that I have been warned about. Is the satisfaction of popping zits valuable? Well sometimes. Hey, those things can hurt! And I have a product on my side that can help remove those marks quickly. And when I say fast, I mean it. After just one use, I noticed a difference in the acne scars overnight.

My Hero product is Peace Out Skincare’s new Dark Spot Serum. You probably know the brand because it makes those TikTok-viral pore strips that suck the gun like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. For the record, the brand has many more life-changing products, such as a retinal stick that makes exfoliant much easier to use. But I disagree.

I tested the Dark Spot Serum before launching, and I tell you: this thing is no joke. I first patch-tested it on a new stain on my arm so that it does not create any weird spots on my face and found that it easily lightens the area. But the real magic happened when I used it on acne scars on my face. I used a pump of the product in a special dark place which resulted in some glorious cystic acne which popped up during my period. After just one night, the area was light and less noticeable. With a good concealer by my side, I can finally cover the spot for real.

I didn’t think this treatment could be better – until I found out it was selling at 25 percent off – just like everything else on the favorite skincare brand site. This means you can get a discount before this brand-new serum is sold! Usually 29, you can now buy it for around $ 22. Peace Out Dark Spot Serum

Peace Out courtesy of Skincare. The brand calls it a “supercharged” serum and they’re not kidding. This is a very powerful drug! It is full of chemical exfoliants like AHA, glycolic acid which helps in collagen production as well as tranexamic acid, kojic acid and alpha-arbutin regeneration. All of these ingredients reduce the appearance of dark spots, brighten skin tone and even tone out your skin tone.

According to the brand, this unique formula can treat acne scars, black spots, age spots and contamination damage. A dream come true.

I’ve used it in everything from light points to extremely deep spots and it does the trick every time. For these hard spots, it takes about a week to heal. I use it every night after my other serum and before my moisturizer and I have not noticed any bad side effects. Not even dryness. It’s a big festival that dries my skin when I go out!

For the record, vegan serum lasts longer. I’ve been using it every night for about a month now and I don’t even think it’s always done. Beware: it has a strange smell, but it goes away after a while. A little bit of nose biting is okay for the incredible effect on my face, anyway.

This is the kind of skin treatment that I didn’t know I needed until I started using it. As someone who suffers from acne and acne scars, it is heaven-sent. It treats those blemishes better than I have tested and I can’t imagine my skin care routine without it. With this serum in my arsenal, I know my skin will be brighter and look as healthy as possible. It’s something to write at home, right ?!