50 cents is trying to block his former G-Unit labelmate Young Buck from filing

50 cents The former is reportedly trying to stop Six units Labelmate Young deer From filing for bankruptcy.

In 2020, Buck filed for bankruptcy, which allowed him to avoid paying 50 percent of 250,000 for failing to deliver two new albums for the G-Unit label.

According to All hip hop50 cents and his legal team submitted documents to collect the debt, claiming that he hid valuable assets.

The document states: “In his meeting with the creditors and by failing to disclose the work and royalties without limitation on his petition and schedule, the defendant estate officer, one year before the date of petition, with intent to obstruct, delay or defraud a creditor, creditor and / or a person. , Or the date of the petition authorizing the transfer, removal, destruction, distortion, or concealment of the property of the estate, afterwards. “

In addition, 50 cent attorneys are accusing Buck of hiding ownership of a black 2017 F-250 truck, which he claims was junk, making it impossible for the estate to recover.

The documents continued: “In his meetings with creditors and without limiting his schedule, he failed to disclose that he was the owner of the black truck, knowingly and fraudulently, in a bankruptcy case or related, created a false oath or account.”

In addition to declaring the debts non-repayable, the 50 cents asked the court for “further relief as it deems fit and proper.”

Young Buck addressed ongoing legal issues with the 50 cents during an April interview It’s tactical with Raquel Harper “We are at a standstill,” he explained in the podcast. I certainly don’t want to go down in a completely pull-out court situation when it can be done on a business level. “

He added, “[50 Cent] Sending off and pausing [letters] To try to stop all my music and I still try to stop everything based on the words of an artist from G-Unit. Once I did that [50 Cent] Stopped me from being able to make money, I filed for another bankruptcy. And they prevent him from being able to stop and stop anything. “

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