6 men’s sneaker trends, from minimalism to gorpkor

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Bella Hadid’s secondhand anxiety-stimulating video is positively shopping sneakers with the complex without the rent in my head. I never know why he was behaving so weirdly, but at least trying to give it to her Something Credit, I admire her for her faith that good shoes can make or break a man. “What if the son of the house is coming with these?” It’s cool for her, “she says, referring to some old sneakers. But what if she came up with the best men’s sneaker trend of the year?”

And with that, I won’t waste any more of your time (unless you want to watch the whole Kringzi video for yourself). Check out: The Top Six Men’s Sneaker Trends of 2022 Will Help Homeboy Get It! From minimalist crisp white kicks to outdoor gopcore footwear, this list has a lot to choose from and of course something for everyone’s personal style.

If you are more relaxed, do you want something for your everyday fun outfit? Go for an elevated, soft suede slip-on. What if you’re already over-the-top and want to keep up the good work? Please scroll directly to the Rick Owens platform.

Below, read on for the best men’s sneaker trends of the year — and some of our favorites for shopping for yourself or your men.

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Nike SB BLZR Court Mid Premium

Courtesy of Nike.

Skate ready high top

You’ve probably seen Nike’s classic BLZR high tops before, but never before. The bold cherry color of these skater shoes makes them one of a kind. They’ve got a retro look to them but they’ll introduce your puck to a whole new level of comfort thanks to the light weight and flexible rubber sole.

StyleCaster |  Men's sneaker trend

Courtesy of New Balance.

Old school

You don’t have to make cool new sneakers Look New-old-school silhouettes, logos and colorways all rage. From Nike to New Balance, revisit the styles you usually sleep in and see how fast they grow on you. As it turns out, the old kicks you rocked in college were really timeless. Still, get a new pair of your old favorites so they don’t feel overwhelmed Too much To wear

StyleCaster |  Men's sneaker trend

Courtesy of J. Crew.


Listen to your girlfriend — a crisp white sneaker Always A dress is essential. No matter who you are! But remember, these are not your co-ed kickball practice or the kicks you wear in the gym. Think of these as special occasion sneakers, ideal for casual dates when you still want to look your best. White leather is always a practical pick; They will wear That’s right And if they get dirty, you can delete them.

StyleCaster |  Men's sneaker trend

Courtesy of Rick Owens DRKSHDW.


Rick Owens’ reverence for the classic Converse hints at the return of lace-up high-tops, but it’s the addition of a platform that really piqued my interest. If dark colors or funky textures aren’t for you, let a solid platform speak for itself – not to mention giving you a little added height. Not that you are looking for it.

StyleCaster |  Men's sneaker trend

Courtesy of Johnston and Murphy.

Suede slip-on

If you’re trying to sort out your everyday outfit in 2022, don’t think that you have to settle for something harsh. Style and comfort can be the same! And suede slip-on makes it easy. Imagine the silhouette of your favorite, ratty checkered van, upgraded to a soft premium suede that goes with everything from denim to chinos. Trust me, you will never touch the van again.

StyleCaster |  Men's sneaker trend

Courtesy of Colombia.

Gorpcore Kicks

Gorpcore, basically, the yassification of outdoor aesthetics. Basically, this means that anything that looks like you can buy it from a camping store and style it with a hunting vest is suddenly flashy! In terms of sneakers, there are many ways to get the look, but any technique should be done with bungee cord details, earthy tones and a rubber sole.

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