$ 7 for Jennifer Aniston’s Wet Brush Memorial Day

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I remember the first time I saw Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ — when she was in the stage of her very long hair and I wanted nothing more than that proper lock on my head. Decades have passed, and Aniston remains my hairspray (hair inspiration for those who do not conform to the vernacular) all the cuts and colors she has worn, so when she unveiled one of the tools she uses to loosen her locks, I I immediately took notes.

It all came down to Amy Winner’s Instagram, where she posted a tutorial showcasing products from her hair care brand, Lolavi. You see, after he applied the glossing datangler to his wet locks, he brushed them with the $ 10 brush you can find on Amazon.

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Wet brush is not your average comb. It is made with special bristles that flex as soon as any tangles get stuck in your hair, so that your locks are not shaken or broken. Designed to contour the round shape of your head for comfortable brushing, the essential thing of hair care is a favorite among fans who are suffering from hair loss problems. Consumers say that compared to most other hair detanglers, it “hurts less and causes less.” Breakdown

Although the clip posted by Aniston is fast, you can see how easily the brush moves through its locks. Her hair is not caught in any bristles, and the product goes through her hair like a hand in water – smooth and beautiful. We deserve this kind of experience when we just wake up or finish a relaxing shower.

Wet Brush Brush Pro Flex Dry

There is nothing more terrifying than coming out of the shower just to know that you have to feel the tug-tug after you comb and pull your hair for 10 minutes. This brush prevents it from happening in the first place – even when it is used on dry hair.

“I have long blonde hair and this brush works great to get through my freshly shampooed / conditioned hair,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Please don’t remove this brush because it’s really the best!”

In light of all these rave posts, it is no surprise that over 1,000 people have given the brush an average of 4.8-star rating. As always, Jennifer Aniston got it right.

Wet brush go green hair detangler

Courtesy: Wet Brush.

Wet brush go green hair detangler

Another similar brush of the brand has just as much fanfare (and sales). The very gentle bristles of this brush reduce hair fall, prevent breakage and strengthen your strands. It’s also compact, which makes it great on the go and on the go. Not to mention, the handle is made from all-natural biodegradable materials. Who knew you could cut your hair while taking care of the environment?

“I swear to the wet brush. I have curly thin hair so I want to be as gentle as possible with my hair. These brushes are great when my hair is wet, dry, tangled, styled, etc., ”wrote a buyer who gave the brush a perfect rating on Amazon.

It’s clear why many people, including celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, love wet brushes. You can get a huge lock like this when you buy a top-rated detangling brush for just $ 10 on Amazon. Your hair and your scalp will thank you.

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