9 Nick Cannon’s potential papa covers men’s health

Nick Canon is the cover star of the May / June 2022 issue of Men’s Health.

Nick Cannon for men's health

Source: Dylan Coulter for Men’s Health

The Wild n out The host is constantly headlined for his various comments about parents, relationships, vasectomy and much more. Now, in the midst of speculation about a possible ninth child after Abby de la Rosa announces her pregnancy, the father of the ubiquitous baby talks to her about her journey. Men’s health.

In the May / June issue of Mag, the entertainer and father of eight opened his mouth about time management, dealing with depression and his unconventional approach to parenting.

“I have seen where people believe that the work of a traditional family, and [yet] There’s a lot of toxicity in that setting, “Canon said Men’s health. “It’s not about what society thinks is right. Like this, what makes it right for you? What brings you happiness? What makes you happy and how do you define family? We all define family in different ways. “

Make it work

The multi-hyphenate continues to talk about how proud she is of her fatherhood, regardless of how many kids she has to keep tabs on.

“Contrary to popular belief, I’m probably busy throughout my Children’s Day, often more than the average adult. If I’m not physically in the same town with my kids, I’m talking to them before they go to school via FaceTime and stuff,” he said. Reveals. “And then when I [in the same city, I’m] Driving my kids to school, like I’m picking them up. All of those things, be sure [I’m there for] All extracurricular activities. I am involved with my daughter every week in everything from coaching to teaching guitar. ”

Nick Cannon for men's health

Source: Dylan Coulter for Men’s Health

For his adult relationship, Nick called Kevin Hart his best friend, saying he loved talking to him and other fathers in the entertainment industry about fatherhood.

“Kevin Hart is my best friend, and he’s the one I always talk to,” said the father of eight. “We talk a lot about fatherhood. We were The real husband of Hollywood And put ourselves in imaginary situations. Robin Theick is a great dad. Why even Jeong. We talk about fatherhood, everything is stupid. ”

To learn more from Nick Cannon, you can read his full Men’s health Cover story here.

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