90-day-old fiance Shaida Bilal saved, are they married?

90-day-old fianc Bilal and Shaida are married?  Find out now

After meeting online, 90 day engagement They Shaida SuinAnd Bilal Hajij Spent a week in Trinidad and Tobago. The romance, it seems, floated in the air on the island and they quickly agreed to the engagement. Eventually, Shaida left her Caribbean home and traveled thousands of miles to begin her life in Missouri.

Upon his arrival, problems began to surface. At first, Bilal decides to “test” Shaida’s intentions, pretending to be poorer than he really is. Later, the 42-year-old insisted on a premarital contract. And at one point, he openly asked the yoga instructor, “Do you want to take everything from me?”

Fans are now curious: Where did fate take Shaida? Down the corridor – or down another airport runway?

But first, Shaida took to defending Bilal on Instagram this week in response to fans accusing him of being a narcissist.

“As long as I know Bilal, he is a very sweet, caring, sensitive, kind soul who gives me what I want and I will do the same for him. No, he is not a NARCISSIST. No, he is not in control because he is a Muslim, ”Shaida wrote on May 25. “But since perception is a reality, we have made it a condition to perceive a black man as a frightened, uneducated, dead-beaten, dependent and militant.”

He continued, “If we don’t see that, then yes, he must be a narcissist. So let’s destroy him and humble him to remind him what should happen. Stop trying to discredit him with perception – sit back and enjoy the show! “

According to In contactBilal and Shaida tied the knot on December 18, 2021. They got their marriage license in Jackson County eleven days ago.

Conducts the marriage Hanif M KhalilAn officer based in Texas.

For two long years (due to the epidemic), the stars were separated. When the wait was over, Shaida traveled 13 hours with three different flights to reach her love. Although the story line has moved, however, several fans have started a relationship – and asked Shaida to leave her.

There was a lot of concern. In a list Reasons not to get marriedProbably the biggest was the infamous car ride: Bilal apparently threatened to get Shaida out of the car and suggested that he take a Uber.

Now, regardless of their problems, Shaida and Bilal are more than just engaged. Does this mean that their problems have been solved?

A positive seems unlikely.

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