90’s singer Nicki Gilbert is upset with Stars hit show ‘P-Valley’

Season 2’s P-Valley There was a premiere this weekend and when the fans were so excited to get the show back, there was not one person in particular!

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Nicki Gilbert took to Instagram and Twitter on Saturday for her thoughts on the Sturge high rate show. We reported again in January that singer and executive producer Lionsgate, Chernin Entertainment, Starz, creator Katori Hall, executive producer Liz Garcia and co-producer Patrick-Ian-Pollock have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Nicci believes it P-Valley This is an unauthorized knock-off of his original musical stage play “Soul Kittens Cabaret” which was released on DVD in 2011. He alleges that the show stole Noir’s look, unique ploy synopsis, set design, risk performance venue and unique characters. “Soul kitten cabaret.”

Gilbert claims that some of the characters on the show are similar to those in the play, including TaTa Burlesque, a transgender club owner.

“The story is about a Tata Barlesque who owns a risk venue in this Barlesque cabaret in the city, it stays there forever,” Gilbert continued. “There is also the spirit of the previous dancers. A new girl from out of town – out of nowhere – she comes and auditiones for him and they hug her but it’s a bunch of things going on. “

For his review of Season 2, Gilbert says that the writers have no idea where to take the story because it was not their main theme, to begin with. He believes the show “didn’t deliver what it was supposed to.”

Here is his statement:

After watching last night’s episode of #PVALLEY and seeing real reviews of real people and viewers vs. ‘bot generated’ or ‘corporate interest’ ..

I understand that my mother had a conversation with God and she said, “Let me handle this.”

It’s very clear that the author of last night’s episode had no idea where this story would go, because he didn’t make it. I haven’t seen that writer yet, write a real thought or idea … I don’t care how much reward, appreciation or dollar the machine pumps into him.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

A project filled with “topicality” like epidemics, police violence, hype Williams type video montage .. A remixed documentary is borrowed from the trauma of epidemics and social problems ..

Your written conversations include lyrics from Kellis, Big Shawn and others … MLK’s story remixing … Tina Turner’s life rewritten, ‘re-imagining’ Soul Kitten Cabaret doesn’t make you a writer or a dope creator, it makes you a Dope makes the journalist with a wild imagination and financial support.

The casts are extremely talented and I hope they will not be abused to cover up your violations.

I was very upset about this episode airing on my mother’s death anniversary, but now I know why it happened.

As I was going through the R&B Divas case, he said, “They stole it from you, baby. Don’t stress, because eventually the universe will break everything!”

I wish no one would be harmed because I know how action works when you let God guide you.

I know each episode with TV can be written by a different author, so I hope it’s better for those who haven’t stolen from me .. but if last night’s episode gives any indication, Mama is always right! 3

There is no word on whether the ongoing lawsuit will affect the upcoming season. Meanwhile, the former 90s Girl Group star has defended her case and posted “evidence” online that supports her claim.

Do you think there are some show-stealing shenanigans going on in P-Valley? Did you tune in to Season 2? Let us know below.

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