911 operator who stopped at caller has been put on leave reporting of buffalo slaughter

The 911 operator Someone who is trying to report hangs up the caller’s phone Top mass shooting In B.Ufalo, New York, It’s worn out.

On Wednesday, Erie County Executive Mark Polonkarz Announced that the sender had been placed on administrative leave for execution Latisha Rogers, An assistant office manager at Tops Supermarket who was asking for help during a massacre inside a grocery store Saturday, May 15th. Ten black people have been killed in a racially motivated shooting.

Polonkarz denounced the sender for acting “completely inappropriately, without following protocol”. He added that the county had planned to fire him, but at first, a hearing had to be held on May 30.

When Rogers called the sender for help, the 911 employee asked him why he was whispering. Without much help, he ended the call.

Polonkarz explains that all 911 call takers are trained to know that when callers whisper, they are usually in trouble. Therefore, the call recipient is more aware that a serious situation is happening. The employee was in that position for about eight years.

The name of the employee was not made public.

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