A $ AP Rocky says he and Rihanna look “normal” together

In addition to being madly in love, A $ AP Rocky Glad he and Rihanna Complement each other well.

The “What’s up” Sitting with the rapper Shocked magazine, Where she talked about her romance with singer-billionaire beauty mogul. The two are often credited as one of the most fashionable and beautiful couples in entertainment. However, A $ AP says they don’t have to try hard.

“It simply came to our notice then. We naturally look beautiful together, ”he shared. She jumps on their fashion choices and admits with the play that RiRi often borrows her clothes.

“Sometimes we match the tee, or we wear the same outfit. If I buy a shirt of his choice, I hope it will be stolen, but then I have to steal it, “he shared.

During her chat with Dazed, A $ AP also talked a bit about parenting, sharing that she hopes to raise “free-spirited” children who do not discriminate and have great imagination.

“Actually, I just want a quiet child with calm parents,” he explained.

After a brief dating a few years ago, the couple managed to distance themselves from the A $ AP Friends Zone, despite being longtime friends. 2020, When the couple gave love another shot. Earlier this month, they welcomed a baby boy together. An insider told people that Rihanna was “scared” for their son, whose name was not released. The Fenti Beauty The founder has kept a low profile since birth, as she enjoys and adjusts to motherhood, according to sources.

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