A California teenager has committed suicide after contacting a cyber scammer

In February, a San Jose student received a message from someone she thought was a girl. The conversation became intimate, and then it turned out to be ominous. Shortly after the conversation began, the 17-year-old committed suicide.

CNN Describes Ryan is over As a student and boy scout at Straight. A scammer arrives at Last, posing as a girl, and sends a nude photo. The cyber criminal told Last to send one back, and when he complied, the fraudster demanded $ 5,000.

If Last does not agree, the scammer threatens to send clear pictures to his friends and family. The teenager told the cyber criminal that he could not afford to pay a total of $ 5,000, and they eventually settled on only $ 150. He paid them out of his college funds, but kept demanding more money from the cheating teenager.

“They keep demanding more and more and keep putting pressure on her,” the last mother said. Pauline StewartSaid the outlet.

The latter left a suicide note with a description of his embarrassing condition. Stuart said he said good night to his son at 10pm and never understood what he was feeling after that night.

This scandal, which is called “sexism” is on the rise The FBI has launched a campaign to warn parents amid growing complaints. There were about 18,000 sexual assaults last year, with victims losing about 13 13 million.

Dr. Scott HadlandThere is a way to help keep kids safe from online predators, says Boston’s head of adolescent medicine at General.

“The most important thing a parent should do with their teens is try to understand what they’re doing online,” Hadland said. “You want to know when they’re going online, who they’re interacting with, what platform they’re using. Are they being contacted by people they don’t know? Do they feel pressured to share information or pictures? “

Hadland said teens need to be warned about scams like Sexterson and let them know that they can come forward if they contact someone online or think they have done something wrong.

The last mom hopes she can spread awareness and save lives by telling her stories.

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