A doctor told Courtney Kardashian to drink Travis Barker’s semen

As the days go by, we learn more and more interesting information about the relationship between Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

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In its latest episode The Kardashians In Hulu, Courtney talks to viewers about her and her now-husband’s efforts to have children together as they reunite their families and raise their children from a previous relationship. During the couple’s visit with Ayurvedic guru Martha Sopher, Kardashian talked about various factors, such as her thyroid levels, when she revealed the unconventional advice given to her by a fertility doctor.

Courtney said of her thyroid, “I can’t remember what she said, if it’s more or less,” her fertility as a remedy is going to describe what the doctor suggested. “But he told us, well, he told me, the only thing that would help him is alcohol [Travis’] Come on, for example, four times a week. “

Surprisingly, Barker seems to be a fan of that advice, “I love this doctor.”

Although this is already a lot of information from the PDA-happy couple, they point out that they did not actually take the doctor to that advice. But, knowing them, we will probably know if they ever try it.

You see Courtney in the rest of the episode … OK, just the opposite of drinking Travis’ semen.

The pair went on to perform a “Panchakarma Shuddhi”, which the reality star said would “help remove all the toxins that are deep in our tissues from our bodies.” [to have] Eggs of better quality. “Unfortunately for them, this does not mean any sexuality (or self-pleasure) for a period of cleansing, which has made fertility doctor’s advice obsolete অন্ত at least for a while.

Earlier this month, Courtney and Travis tied the knot at a private wedding in Santa Barbara before taking the whole family to Italy for a larger celebration. Now, they are ready to continue trying for a new addition to the family.

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