A Georgia teenager has been arrested for making death threats against a Fulton County Sheriff

A teenager from Georgia has been arrested for making death threats to a sheriff for the YSL RICO.

Georgia deputies took 18-year-old Quartavius ​​Mender into custody on May 26, 2022. Mender was charged with two dozen felony counts of threatening to kill the Fulton County Sheriff. Death threats were sent in the hope of freeing the young thugs and YSL crew.

Investigators say Mender Sheriff wrote several death threats in comments on Instagram posts by Pat Labatt, Guinness County Sheriff and Fulton County Clark.

Authorities say Mender wrote he would kill the sheriff, his wife and Atlanta Public Schools police chief Ronald Appelin. However, the threat could be stopped if the authorities release one of the YSL members.

“We take this kind of shameless threat seriously,” said Sheriff Labott. “Social media will not protect anyone from cyber bullying and anyone hiding behind a keyboard from criminal proceedings. Our investigators are diligent in finding people who want to harm someone. I am grateful to them for ensuring the safety of me, my wife, and all citizens of Fulton County. “

Mender was charged with 23 counts of felony criminal mischief. He is currently being held in Fulton County Jail without a bond.

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