A London hospital has launched an investigation after a woman gave birth to an aborted baby

A London The hospital has launched an investigation after a four-month-old woman stored the remains of her aborted baby in her home freezer.

According to The Guardian, a woman named Laura Brody and her partner Lawrence White were forced to store the remains of her aborted baby in her home freezer when University Hospital Louisham complained and sent them home and told them to wait seven days for their delivery. When the bedridden couple finds out their son has died in the womb.

The Guardian reported that the woman had previously gone through an early abortion and that the hospital had told her “explicitly” that there was no way to be able to deliver the baby at home without medical supervision. However, four hours later, Brody gave birth at home in the toilet.

When the couple called the health and emergency hotline, they were told it was not an emergency. The hotline then told them that the aborted baby should be wrapped in a damp cloth and placed in a plastic container. Later, the couple went to Acute and Emergency (A&E), where they were returned to store their baby’s remains in a mortuary due to lack of proper paperwork. They decided that in order to preserve the baby for postmortem, it would be best to store the baby in their home freezer.

“No one wants their baby’s body to be in a Tupperware box. It was simply pushed aside, and completely ignored by staff, and treated like rubbish, “Brody said in an interview with The Guardian, suggesting storage in a” stuff fridge. “

“We didn’t know what that meant; If it was a fridge where everyone stored things. Since it was an unlabelled box, it was so likely to be misplaced, the transfers would change and we weren’t confident it would make its way to the mortuary, “said Brody. There was a very real risk. “

Brady says the couple doesn’t have to go to anyone else for the “weird” experience. “There should not be a second family that has to take their child’s body home. I just thought it was an extreme situation that happened, and I just wanted a line to be drawn and no one else to go through it, “he said.

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