A Southwest Airlines passenger who masturbated on a flight has been sent to federal prison.

The Southwest Airlines Passengers That Masturbation The time spent on a flight will be more than a month behind bars for reprimanding work.

Antonio Sherrod McGarriti Heading a time when he delights himself April 2nd flight from Washington to Arizona. The 34 years old Exposes her genitals and masturbates four times while the flight is in the air. The passenger sitting next to McGarry informed a flight attendant and was moved to another seat. He took a picture of McGarry acting and saw her licking a white substance from his finger, suspecting her to ejaculate. The flight attendant contacted the Phoenix Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Upon landing, McGarry was taken into custody.

During an interview with authorities, McGarry said he thought it was “a kind of kinky” that he was able to shake when the woman next to him didn’t look upset at work. McGuire is not unfamiliar with this type of behavior, having previously been accused of indecent behavior locally and at the state level.

Last week, McGarry pleaded guilty to indecent or obscene acts while on a plane. He was sentenced 48 days and one year probation in federal prison. He was initially jailed for 90 days. While on trial, McGarry was banned from flying commercially in the United States The Southwest banned him for life.

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