A United Airlines employee has been beaten after attacking a customer [Video]

A United Airlines a employee Newark Airport He punched the ground at the checkout desk after hitting a customer.

Now in the viral video, the two are seen arguing, but it is not clear how the argument started.

The Dressed in uniform The worker is seen slapping the man Inside The Mouth and that’s when people start Throw Fist

The Then the employee Stumbles In the back In The Equipment, Striking His Head, And Going later On The Carrier Belt

Before Walking In the back, Other Employee Tries Per Intervention, And Other People Tries Per de-scalate The Status.

As Noise Exploded Inside The Terminals, Airport Staff Can Stay I heard Scream “Stop.”

The bloodied United Airlines employee was then seen shaking his leg to approach the man again.

The customer is heard to say: “Do you want more? Do you want more?”

It is Obscure Whether The Employee Inside The Video There is Facing Any Disciplinary Action.

A United Airlines spokesman said: “United Airlines does not tolerate any violence at our airports or on our aircraft and we are working with local authorities to investigate this further.”

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