A Virginia woman found in a forest singing ‘Amazing Grace’ after disappearing

A search and rescue team found one Virginia The woman who had been missing for eight days was sitting on a tree branch singing. “Amazing grace

Aletha G. Walton, 69, went missing on May 17, according to officials. He was last seen inside his house in Saralta area two days ago. When her family found out she was missing, they immediately called the police. According to his family, Walton is suffering from dementia.

After a brief search, Walton was found Monday morning in a dense jungle about 0.6 miles from his home. When he was found, Walton was reportedly singing “Amazing Grace.” CBS News reports that there are no details on how the woman got there; He was taken to hospital for evaluation.

In a statement, Sheriff Tony Apes said he was satisfied with the search results. “It was incredibly challenging, but we are thrilled to be able to provide the family with the best results possible,” Epps told CBS News. Has expressed his gratitude to them. “

Walton’s family says they are saddened by the whole ordeal, but are glad to know Walton was found. “Amazing grace. Walton’s sister Sandra Knight said God was with her all the time.

Aletha G. Walton, 69.
Aletha G. Walton, 69.

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