Abby de la Rosa has revealed that she is pregnant with Nick Cannon, a year after they had twins

Club belly VIP has a new addition!

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There may be two VIPOs on the list People. After welcoming the twins almost a year later Eight Nick Cannon’s violently fertile fatherDJ Abby Rose Revealed that he is hoping again on his Instagram on Friday.

“I’m pregnant! Another set of twins ?!” Abby teased after the good news was announced. For now, she’s keeping more information about the pregnancy secret unless you’re one of her clients. “I’ll post all the exclusive content and answer the questions you want to know!”

Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is: “If Nick Cannon had nine kids, would he get one tenth for free?” The happy father of Abby’s new bundle is another detail he’s keeping secret, or at least, behind a payroll. Do we really need a paid subscription to unravel this mystery? Internet detectives have so far had one suspect, Turbaneter.

“We discuss that there is nothing healthier than Viral Man! Go ahead and multiply, ”Nick wrote below a hilarious photo of about fifty wansy hanging from his feature Men’s Health Magazine.

Abby became the 3rd baby mother of co-parent on Nick’s Wild Web with the birth of their twin boys. Zion Mixolidian Cannon and Jillian Hair Cannon Last June. We already know that his family has twin children starting from the age of 11 years Monroe Cannon and Morocco’s Scott Cannon With his ex-wife Maria Carey. He also has a track record of rotating blocks as he did Britney BellWho gave birth Golden “Sagan” cannon In 2017 and Strong queen cannon. Her social media feed shows that she has been spending a lot of time with Abby and her twins recently.

“Our son Zion walked today !!!!” Abby last week posted a video of Nick lovingly guiding their child on the first step. “Jillian is next !! We are amazed at all their progress! It’s amazing to see them grow !!! We are blessed !!”

“I can’t believe the boys are almost a year old! The young Zion Mixolidian aka Z-Mix is ​​already launching his Mozart! Young talent! ” Nick bragged about little Zion yesterday, who seems ready to follow in his musical footsteps after mastering the physical footprints.

Although “Mr. Incredible “admits he’s not going to be” Father Abraham “and that he’s entertaining offers of long overdue offers Vasectomy is effective, Nick and Abby both obviously like parenting. Wild ‘n’ Out Creator retains the child number nine (and probably 10) or exactly the same cool co-parent power, Range Rover He gave Abby Suitable for three or four car seats.

Until we get more information on confirmation of new arrival or vasectomy date, Nick will not kill the seed sowing speculation anytime soon. Zion and Jillian already have one more sibling on the way this year. In January, Nick shared what he was hoping for biracial baby number 8 model with Bre Tiesi. There are no visible baby bumps in the 31-year-old DJ’s announcement posts so no one is yet guessing when we will fill the adorable addition to the club belly.

Congratulations, Abby!

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