According to an astrologer, these are the lucky days of June 202

Needless to say, summer is * just * close! I bet you are already dreaming of Pina Coladas on the beach while you are taking some suitable PTO. However, the timing of your plan will make all the difference, so note all the lucky days in June 2022, as they represent the highest peaks of the month ahead.

Now that all the chaos of the eclipse season and the retreat of Mercury have begun to subside, the astrology of June is going to be a much less dramatic month than the month of May. Although the summer is jammed with drama and intensity, you can think of June as calm before the storm. Soak up all the positive, easy-going vibes as long as you can, because they won’t stay here forever. If you’ve been waiting anxiously for a clean coast, now is the time to come out and play.

The month begins with the adaptive and dual-sided Gemini Sun, allowing you to travel beyond your normal vision and see things in a new light. And a full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 brings an idea full circle, making it clear that this month has the potential to expand incredibly. And just as the intellectual power begins to feel a little more clinical for your taste buds, the June 21 sun will move on to warm and compassionate cancer, bringing your feelings to the surface. June 21st is the first day of summer, so make the most of the last days of refreshing and revitalizing spring until then.

In the meantime, keep track of these dates, as they represent the turning points in the cosmic journey that you are about to embark on:

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Friday, June 3: Mercury retrograde ends

You’ve been dealing with a communication crisis lately and so far, you’re probably experiencing some serious mental fatigue. Fortunately, June is moving away for takeoff, as Mercury’s retreat ends on the third day of this month! Positioning directly in the 26 degree Taurus will help you approach things with a more practical and measured mindset in the early stages of this transformation. However, if Mercury re-enters Gemini on June 13, you will be able to keep most of these retro-related conflicts behind you. Settle on the score and leave the past to the past!

Friday, June 10: Mercury Train Pluto

You don’t have to wait long to realize how powerful Mercury can be. As Mercury unites with Pluto – the lord of reincarnation – the beginning, the end, the power and the spiritual growth will become the main topics of discussion. If you need to have an important conversation, this is your day to do it. Mercury will provide support that will help you convey your message in a way that will move the person you are talking to. Give it a 5 star day to schedule an interview, ask for a promotion or discuss the next steps in your relationship. Don’t let it go to waste!

Saturday, June 11: Venus connector Uranus

If you feel uneasy about your love life or your finances, June 11th can shake things up a bit. Venus and Uranus will make a connection in the sky, bringing a big spark on your way. Venus affects everything related to love, beauty and money while Uranus controls sudden, unexpected changes. This alignment will encourage you to march to the beat of your own drums! When these two planets come together, there are often fireworks (especially if you find yourself crushing someone new). This is a beautiful day that should be kept open. Climb the wave of possibilities and let the universe take you forward.

Tuesday, June 14: Full Moon in Sagittarius

One of the most climactic moments of June will be June 14, when the full moon in Sagittarius will illuminate the sky at 7:52 am ET. Since Sagittarius is a truth-seeking fire sign, this full moon can inspire you to embark on a great adventure that stretches your mind. It can motivate you to go back to your education and gain more knowledge, especially when it comes to something you were always interested in, but you never dared to look at!

Thursday, June 16: Sun Trin Saturn

Now that Mercury’s retreat is completely behind you, you may be feeling some progress around June 16th. Since the Sun is forming a triangle with Saturn, you are getting extra support and stability, especially when it comes to your goals. Saturn always encourages you to be responsible, stable and consistent in your practice. Saturn’s goal is to build a foundation that you will not only be proud of, but will stand the test of time. When Saturn and Sun are connected in such a harmonious way, we are often given the opportunity to create something harder than before.

Sunday, June 19: Venus Sextile Neptune

One of the most creative days of the month is June 19, when Venus-love formed a sextile with the planet-dreaming and sympathetic Neptune. It will inspire you to connect with your insights and embrace the magic of your higher voice. This is a good time to think about new ideas, start a creative project and connect with your artistic side. This is a great day for a date, because romance is enough when these two planets come together! If you do not use this power to expand your imagination, you are missing out.

Monday, June 20: Mercury Sextile Jupiter

June 20th is the time to shoot your shots! This is when the genius Mercury will form a sextile with the planet Jupiter, giving you the confidence that you want to say * true * and do what you want to do * true *. If you are itching to ask for a favor or take advantage of an opportunity, this is the time. Jupiter expands on the energy you are already applying there, so be sure to dream big, keep an open mind and leave it to the universe to fulfill your desires.

Tuesday, June 21: Cancer season begins

June 21st is a prime day, because it is when the summer solstice occurs at 5:14 AM ET, which starts you in the hottest and sexiest season. Coincidentally, this is also when the sun enters the sympathetic and nurturing Cancer, which is understandable, since the school holidays and the kids stay home! To further transform things, Venus will create a trinity with Pluto, deepen the love in your heart and drive to strengthen your relationship. This steamy pair can stimulate the emotions running high, making it the perfect time for a date night that you won’t forget. Also, since Venus also controls money, it can be a powerful day for financial success.

Monday, June 27: Mars Sextile Sat.

The month ends with another chance to move your biggest goals forward. Mars sending good vibrations to Saturn can help you take another step towards your dream. Mars is about your energy levels, productivity and drive. Saturn helps to create stability in our lives. Combined with this kind of approach, these two powerhouses give us the strength to take some tough steps. The only question is, how do you use this boost?

Tuesday, June 28: New Moon in Cancer

The month ends somewhat in Cliffhanger. After all, June 28th at 10:52 pm ET, a new moon will happen in Cancer, which will encourage you to prioritize love and compassion, especially when it comes to your home and family. Rediscover whatever you feel is motherly, even defensive. There is no better feeling than creating a home life that feels as solid and stable as stone! The new moon always represents a new beginning, which means July is already looking attractive.

Outside of these lucky days, this June should be mostly smooth sailing! And don’t hang on too much to make the most of these dates, because astrology always works (whether you realize it or not). Your only assignment is to embrace all the good things in store this month. And even if you feel a little depressed in June, remember – the sun will always come out at last.

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