After the mother leaves to do her nails, the baby drowns in the bathtub

In the mother of a child Miami Authorities say she was charged with aggravated manslaughter after her child drowned in an improper bathtub while trying to get her nails done.

According to Miami HeraldComplaints of the authorities Alyssa Jimmy22, leaving the victim, 7 months old Prince Mejia, And her 3-year-old brother was walking along the water in a bathtub when he was getting his nails done at an “at-home manicure station” in a garage on May 20th.

Jimmy told authorities he had not placed a plug in the tub drain before entering the garage, which was about 62 feet away.

Jimmy said he returned to check on his kids about five to ten minutes later, and then he noticed that the drain was stuck with a small towel, the tub was full of water, and the baby was floating to the face while playing. Nearby he told detectives that the 3-year-old knew how to close the drain with a face towel.

According to reports, Jimmy rushed to a neighbor’s house to call 911, and the baby Prince, who had been without a heartbeat for 45 minutes, was taken to a local hospital, where hospital staff could resuscitate him.

Three days later, doctors pronounced Yuvraj dead.

Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner has determined that the cause of death of the child was unintentional drowning. WPLG-TV.

Jimmy was released on a 10,000 bond during a court hearing Thursday, according to the Herald.

“It’s just a terrible accident, and the family and Alyssa have no chance to mourn,” the defense attorney said. Pat Dray. “She is devastated to lose her child.”

Caesar JimmyJimmy’s father, who was present in court, spoke out in favor of his daughter’s release.

“The last few days have been tough,” he told the judge. “Alyssa has always been a good girl, she’s always been a big sibling, she’s always loved her kids … she didn’t do it on purpose.”

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