ALLBLK EXCLUSIVE CLIP ‘À La Carte’: Mahogany Had A One Night Stand – And Didn’t

A new episode of the ALLBLK series produced by A Meagan Good, Breanna Hogan, and Dijon Talton executive premiered Thursday, and BOSSIP has an exclusive first look.

As previously reported À La Carte Black misrepresents the millennial dating experience and it is full of drama [drama and comedy] That makes for a delightful ride.



The 25-year-old will meet the audience Mahogany (Pauline Dyer, A Stone Cold Christmas) Who finally revealed the man of his dreams, Caleb (Courtney Barrell, very close to Tyler Perry’s house), But there is only one problem; He has a girlfriend.

With the help of her friends, Misha Taylor (Jesse Woo, Wild ‘n Out), A teacher who works harder and plays harder; Kingdom Moore (Kendall Kindle, Social Society, Games People Play), A recent trust-funder has been forced to look for alternative revenue to pay the bill, and Shaira Clemens (Jenna Nolen), A grad student who believes she has found the perfect man; Mahogany must decide whether she wants to be one and the same – or come out of her comfort zone and learn to play number two.

Exclusive clip in a la carte

In an exclusive clip for the series, we see Mahogany chatting with Misha about a recent hot hookup — which Mahogany clearly didn’t realize was a hookup.

“Then back to you, when are you linking again? I like it for you,” Misha says listening to her friend’s steamy session.

“I-I don’t know,” Mahogany admits. “I don’t know anything about her …”

Misha is convinced that mahogany may or may not be a one-night stand.

“I think we should toast, you have to raise your glasses,” Misha says. “We’re going to toast your promotion and your pro-HOEtion. Raise the glass! “

OOP! Mahogany seems to have taken Misha’s advice after all.

The premiere of a new episode of La Carte on Thursday 19th May at ALLBLK.





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