ALLBLK EXCLUSIVE CLIP ‘À LA CARTE’: Sorry Shaira joined by Mahogany and

A new episode of the ALLBLK series produced by A Meagan Good, Breanna Hogan, and Dijon Talton executive premiered Thursday, and BOSSIP has an exclusive first look.

As previously reported À La Carte Black misrepresents the millennial dating experience and it is full of drama [drama and comedy] That makes for a delightful ride.



The audience is following a journey of 25 years Mahogany (Pauline Dyer, A Stone Cold Christmas) Who finally revealed the man of his dreams, Caleb (Courtney Barrell, very close to Tyler Perry’s house), But there is only one problem; He has a girlfriend.

With the help of her friends, Misha Taylor (Jesse Woo, Wild ‘n Out), A teacher who works harder and plays harder; Kingdom Moore (Kendall Kindle, Social Society, Games People Play), A recent trust-funder has been forced to look for alternative revenue to pay the bill, and Shaira Clemens (Jenna Nolen), A grad student who believes she has found the perfect man; Mahogany must decide whether she wants to be one and the same – or come out of her comfort zone and learn to play number two.

Exclusive clip in a la carte

In an exclusive clip for the series, we see Misha and Mahogany doing a Girls’ Day to cheer up Shaira. Shira is still struggling to find her Bo Rodney sex tapes and the women are opening tequila bottles:10 o’clock in the morning

“It’s not too early for Tequila,” Misha said. “It’s night now, where’s the red cup ?!”

Meanwhile, Mahogany suggests that they listen to Summer Walker and Palo Santo House from “f ** k boy power”.

What will you do to drown your grief? And do you agree with Misha that it’s never too early for some libido – especially after you’ve caught your man in a sex scandal? If you missed what happened, check it out below.

The premiere of a new episode of La Carte on Thursday 26th May at ALLBLK. What will you watch?





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