Allegations have been dropped against Atlanta police who teased college students

Atlanta protests in response to the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd in police custody

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Do you remember the Atlanta Police Department terrorizing spellhouse college kids during the 2020 summer protests? Tania Pilgrim and Messia Young were captured in a viral condition after being pulled from a car and shot with a taser while trying to drive on the road. Apparently, driving should be added to the list of things that empower you guys wrapped in blue bacon.

Allegations have been dropped against Atlanta police who teased college students

We have reported extensively with the APD on the plight of Tania and the Messiah, along with the pain and emotional trauma they endured while exercising their right to protest peacefully. According to 11Alive, an insult has been added to their injury. The Cherokee County District Attorney’s Office has decided to withdraw the charges against the officers involved and found their use of force to be justified.

“The evidence, in this case, shows that the use of force by the officers involved was a direct result of Mr Young and Miss Pilgrim’s resistance and disobedience to the officers’ instructions,” prosecutors said. “The information indicates that the action taken by the officers was in response to the active resistance of Mr. Young and Miss Pilgrim’s officers. It is also clear from the evidence that the use of the teaser, and indeed any force used by the officers, ends with the defeat of Mr. Young and Miss Pilgrim. “

Prosecutor Sameer Patel’s statement made meaningless mention that the two teenagers had passed the legal curfew. Patel went to talk about looting and arson that evening, none of which had anything to do with Tania or Messihar. The inclusion of such language only serves to draw them as villains. As far as Patel is concerned, these two deserve what they got. It’s disgusting.

“Civil unrest on May 29 and May 30, 2020 resulted in looting, damage and destruction in the city of Atlanta. When they were needed in their town, investigators Gardner and Streiter risked their lives to get into chaos because they did so many times to arrest violent fugitives who prey on Atlanta citizens. “

In 2020, Messia said dragging and teasing was not even the worst they suffered that tragic evening.

“He did worse,” Pilgrim said of the officer’s work. “By removing me and Messia, he said he was going to shoot us. That’s something that shouldn’t be said after all the trauma.”

Another day, another group of police abused a black body and fled.

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