American tourists found dead at Bahamas resort Carbon monoxide poisoning

New information has emerged about the casualties Three American tourists Found dead a Bahamas sandals Recourse

Earlier this month, travelers planning to visit the island were placed on high alert when three Americans were found dead in separate villas. Sandal Emerald Bay on the Great Exuma Island. Resident of Tennessee Michael Phillips, 68, and Robbie Phillips, 65 Found together, when 6Vincent Chierella, 26, of Florida Found in his villa May 8 The victims were found lifeless in their rooms after receiving medical treatment the night before to feel sick. A pathology report is published Monday All three have been confirmed dead Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dennis, wife of Cheerleader, The only survivor of the carbon monoxide incident. He has since been released HCA Florida Kendall Hospital in Miami After a full recovery.

Over the weeks, many have speculated about the cause of death, including theories including foul play and contaminated food. Several visitors also reported a strong odor of pesticides at the time of the deaths. Investigators are now investigating possible air conditioners and water heater leaks in the property as a source of carbon monoxide. The dead man showed no signs of injury, but there was evidence of convulsions.

The families are requesting a second autopsy.

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