Amy Schumer posted a statement about the buffalo killing

A Few Things — First, the Internet can be a trivial place where black people don’t forget white people who are worthy of eye roll. Second, black people are upset now. A white supremacist gunman has shot and killed 10 black people in Buffalo, New York, for no apparent reason other than the existence of blacks. Third, Amy Schumer is bothering AF. She symbolizes the white female figure with nails on a chalkboard.

Comedian and award winner Amy Schumer attends the annual ...

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Now, you wonder how all the above points are connected. What does the count have to do with shooting in Buffalo? Well, nothing, really. Other than that, some people (mostly black people) have clearly noticed that Will Smith did not have the “emotional white woman” strength in response to the shooting when he slapped Chris Rock.

“Did anyone hear that Amy Schumer was injured in yesterday’s shooting? I want to see something, “said She Savage, a black woman posted online.

Now, to a lot of people (mostly white people) it seems a bit stretched, but I’ve got it. Again, the countdown is annoying, and all that bloating has left the main “low white woman vs. big scary black guy” vibe and much more for the way she “triggered” and “traumatized” him about something that didn’t happen to her. Among us was, “Comedy Karen, please sit down somewhere.” And to be honest, this Not the first time Schumacher has come as a child of the secret love of white feminism and veiled racism.

However, Schumacher saw the post and made a lengthy response that started with, “I’m getting a lot of posts like this,” which, really, should tell him something about himself.

“To send love to all people in distress. It makes you feel good to write this thing for me. But I’m just as devastated as all of you, “Schumer wrote.

“We are saddened by the people of Buffalo who have lost loved ones and we are saddened by communities across the country who have been reborn as witnesses of white supremacist terrorism,” he said after concentrating on himself and everyone. The work “he” has been done to “fight the disease we live in”.

“These mass shootings were an act of racist, hate-motivated violence and have hurt an entire community forever. Once again, our country must embrace the embrace of hatred and easy access to guns. “

He continued his post advocating for gun control and declaring that “we need more than thought and prayer”.

Listen; I’m not saying he’s not sincere, I’m just saying he didn’t post all this Before He has been called for his silence.

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