An 11-year-old woman who survived a shooting at a Uvalde Texas school has revealed that she covered herself.

11-year-old alive Rob Primary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Mia CerilloHis account is detailed CNN Going into survival mode, smearing his friend’s blood on himself, and playing dead because he was afraid the gunman would come after him.

Mia told the outlet that she and her classmates were watching. “Lilo and sewing“Inside Eva Mireless And Irma Garcia In the classroom when teachers get the news that a gunman is in the building.

According to Mia, the gunman was already in front of the classroom door when a teacher approached to lock the door, then fired through the door window.

As soon as the gunman entered the classroom, he said, everything happened so quickly. He told CNN that before the gunman shot one of his teachers, he looked down at him and said, “Goodnight.”

Soon after, he killed several other teachers and Mia’s classmates. The bullet flew past him, he added, and hit him in the shoulder and head. The girl was taken to a hospital before being released and was treated for a minor wound.

According to Mia, the gunman entered a classroom next door after shooting his classmates. He claims that when the shooting stopped, the gunman started playing music, which he described as the kind of play you do when you “want people to die”.

Using her deceased teacher’s phone, the girl and her friend called 911 for help. He said to the sender, “Please send help, we are in trouble.”

Later, Mia smeared her hands with the blood of one of her dead classmates and then spilled blood on her own body to play the game, fearing that the gunman would return to kill her and some other living person.

Mia said she and her friends lay in their classmate’s blood for about three hours. At the time, he told CNN, he assumed police had not yet arrived.

During the interview, he explained that he heard police waiting outside the school. When he narrated this part of the story, he broke down in tears, saying that he did not understand why they did not come and rescue them.

According to Mia’s mother, she is traumatized and now needs therapy. The family has set up one GoFundMe To help cover costs.

As a result of her experience, Mia was too scared to talk on camera or with a man, but she wanted to tell her story so that people would understand what it was like to survive a school shooting. He hopes the story will help prevent similar tragedies in the future

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