Anita Baker stopped the show to thank the rapper Chance for helping her recover

Legendary singer Anita is unemployed After securing his masters, after giving credit he came back and better than before Chance the rapper Helps him to win such a huge feat.

His time Sunday, May 29 concert in Las Vegas at the Venetian TheaterThe “Body and soul” The vocalist took a break from singing in recognition of the rapper to help him regain control of his master recordings from his former record label. Chance, who did not tell Baker that he would be present, watched from the audience as he praised her for her selfless efforts.

“Would you say hello to a friend of mine through the music industry, by helping me get hold of my master record? Mr. Chance the rapper is there. ” 63 years old The announcement, immediately followed by jubilation from the crowd. Chance stood briefly and shook hands before regaining his seat.

After the concert took a chance Twitter He praised Baker and called his show “one of the greatest performances of my life.” Grammy Award winning R&B icon Replying to his tweet, he revealed that he did not know he would be there but seeing him “brought tears” to his eyes.

While it is not clear what role Chance Baker played in the recovery of his masters, in previous months, he has been vocal about his struggles with ownership of his music. Anita Baker even encouraged fans to stop streaming her records with hits “Sweet love” And “Caught in the rapture,” As a form of protest. However, his loyal supporters rejoiced September 2021 When he revealed that he had won the battle for his music.

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