Ant Anstead Shades is the son of former Christina Hack in the Hudson Custody War

A terrible return. During the war in their custody Ant Anstead casts a shadow over Christina Hack. The TV show host responded to a fan on Instagram with a comment about their son and revealed how he really feels about Christina’s parenting approach.

Ant posted a video of his son Hudson, which he shared with Christina, playing football on his Instagram on May 16, 2022. One fan commented, “I thought you didn’t want your son to be exploited on social media.” The ant replied, “Absolutely not. Being a kid and capturing biological moments in the footsteps of a toddler is all for me! A beautiful diary to keep it and look back. But being a ‘used’ doll for business gain and being made for acting makes my stomach sick. The two must be very different xx. “

The comments come just weeks after Ants applied for Hudson’s emergency custody on April 28, 2022. He claimed that his ex-wife Christina, whom he married from 2018 to 2020, spent less than 10 days per month with their son. For the last 20 months. The Orange County Superior Court rejected the former’s application because the ants failed to prove that they had a complicated situation with their child.

Christina responded to her ex-husband’s offer the day it was denied. “What the ants are doing has hurt me deeply,” Hack told our weekly on Thursday, April 26th. “If it’s really about Hudson, as he says, it should have been handled privately by me and my attorney as a personal judge or mediator. Advised.”

Christina’s current husband Josh Hall also kept two cents per situation Flip or flop The star “Christina is a very driven and incredible woman who has the ability to brush anything and keep herself organized and make a positive impact in the lives of these kids and she succeeds in any field,” Josh wrote in an Instagram caption with a photo of her on April 29, Family in 2022. “I admire her so much for her … especially seeing my own mother do the same for my siblings and as I grow up, I can appreciate it.”

Meanwhile, Ant’s current girlfriend Renee Zellweger has been spotted spending quality time with her boyfriend’s son. On April 28, 2022, a source told Our Weekly, “Renee is very fond of Hudson.”

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