Aquarius Horoscope June 2022: Home Sweet Home

You are working hesitantly after a dilemma in front of Aquarius house. Fortunately, your June 2022 horoscope for Aquarius starts with some * very * good news. You may feel the urge to have a warm reception behind closed doors and take some well-deserved PTO (or at least some mental health day).

However, on June 11, you can take a final surprise as Venus joins Uranus in your home and family’s fourth house, revealing a change that challenges your comfort zone. Fortunately, change is a * good * thing. Chances are, if you are not respected, you may feel motivated to establish more freedom and self-sufficiency! And when Mercury enters your creative fifth house on June 13th, you’ll be in a * much * better place emotionally and emotionally. In fact, you can even feel your artistic senses shaking!

As your social life begins to gain momentum, June 14th will reach a peak. This is the time when the full moon in Sagittarius will lead to strong networking opportunities. However, it may shine brighter in the circles you are running in, prompting you to re-examine the way you blended and how the network works.

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Summer is when the school holidays are over, which is ironic, considering that the work will start to pick up speed after it starts on June 21st. As Cancer season puts your sixth workplace and health in notice, it is asking you to use it more efficiently or to organize your time and your priorities accordingly. Remember শক্তি energy is like money, so spend it wisely! However, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you don’t have time for love. In fact, when Venus enters your romantic fifth house on June 22nd, you may find yourself crushing something (or someone) harder than * blink * * blink * *.

The harder you work, the better your ideas! As the Cancer Sun splits with Jupiter in your intellectual third house on June 28th, you will find that you are starting so many conversations that you are having difficulty keeping up with many of the answers. Now is not the time to limit yourself, but to analyze and explore! And with the end of a new moon month in Cancer highlighting your active sixth house, you will find yourself tightening up your routine and turning a new page.

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