Aquarius Horoscope Summer 2022: Redefining Your Love

Summer has come, Aquarius! And although you may feel like partying until dawn, your Aquarius Summer 2022 horoscope says there are still unfinished business that needs to be resolved. As the 21st of June turns into sun-sensitive cancer, it emphasizes practical things that are more mundane, such as your physical well-being and daily work routine. More importantly, this is an opportunity for you to practice more self-care and prioritize your mental health.

However, on a more entertaining note, Lady Venus will enter the co-sign Gemini the next day, adorning your fun-filled fifth house with everything from text exchanges to a plethora of creative opportunities! Before the end of June, a new moon in Cancer on June 28th will bring a chance to tackle items on your to-do list like a champ. How can you continue to find emotional fulfillment in your daily life? The aspiring Mars debuted in Taurus on July 5th, bringing strength and speed to the most personal area of ​​your chart — your home and the fourth home of your family. Use this power to create the home space you’ve always wanted, but beware of the power of fighting at home. Speaking of going inside, the full moon in Capricorn on July 13th will supercharge your subconscious mind and encourage you to strike a balance between your mental and external realities. Fortunately, with Venus falling into Cancer on July 17, you have the energy and insight to make your day a little sweeter, one step at a time.

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Leo season begins July 22, to bring your attention to your partnership, romantic and otherwise! This celebration season resonates with everything from your desire for recognition to your ability to compromise (or lack thereof) with another person. A new moon in Leo on July 28 will bring you and your loved one a clean slate, allowing you to rethink the terms of your relationship. Expect the unexpected, even if it’s as simple as your emotional reaction to something. As soon as Venus enters this Leo sign on 11th August, some of you can strengthen a romantic connection with someone and take things to the next level.

On August 20th, Mars will begin its pre-retrograde shadow phase on Gemini, supercharging your creative music and intensifying your heart space emotions. Romantically or creatively, it’s important to remember what comes up for review, as it will likely return to the upcoming Mars retreat in October. As the season of Virgo, which will begin on August 22nd, Cosmos is raising a magnifying glass over your personal and professional partnership. By activating your eighth house of shared resources, you may be wondering how you can apply solid boundaries without abandoning intimacy. This is the time to love someone without loving yourself less!

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