Aries Horoscope 2022: Build Your Home

You are feeling a strong feeling this month and your Aries June 2022 horoscope proves it! After all, Mercury’s retreat will end June 3, to better understand the kind of foundation you’re trying to build. Since Mercury Stations is directed to the second cell of your cash flow, you may feel ready to set financial goals and start building towards a standard set for yourself.

However, by June 11th, you may experience some financial turmoil as Venus joins Uranus in the second house of your earnings. While this can lead to a feeling of instability, it also opens up floodgates for a more innovative perspective on who should make the best use of your money. Sometimes, taking a risk is a smart move! And when Mercury jumps the mental engine in your communications sector on June 13th, you may feel that your intellectual block is finally coming down, paving the way for an admirable brainstorming session.

Since a full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th illuminates the ninth cell of your big-picture thought, one of your many ideas may eventually come to a full circle, which paints you a ubiquitous idea that you would be foolish to pass. The limit of the sky, so give up limited thinking!

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Summer starts June 21, but it’s much more than a season change. After all, this is when the sun enters Cancer, activating your home and the fourth house of the family, reminding you of what you really need for flowers! Tend to nurture your roots with love and devotion to your holy place. As Venus enters your social third house you will remember that you too were given the gift of Gabe. Use your fun trends to mingle with those who inspire you!

In fact, by June 28, you may be on the verge of a mental breakthrough. As the Sun moves squarely with Jupiter in Aries, this will create the inspirational change you are looking for. You always wanted to fully embrace your vision of life. What does your dream life look like? Can you welcome yourself home? As a new moon in Cancer ignites a fire in your sensitive fourth house, you are learning that a beautiful home life is not created overnight. It takes energy to build a home that not only survives, but grows.

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