Ashley Graham almost suffered a ‘severe’ bleeding while giving birth to twins

Ashley Graham almost died while giving birth to her twin children in January. He said he was suffering from “black out” and a “severe” bleeding.

In a glamor essay on Friday, she said the 34-year-old model was at home when she welcomed her baby boys.

Graham gave birth to twin sons Malachi and Roman before being “blacked out” while in the toilet and bathtub.

The author of “A New Model” felt “a light touch” on her cheek, but it was actually “someone said something bad”, Pagesix reported.

The mother, who is “with a team of skilled, intelligent, and trained professionals” and her husband Justin Irwin only remembers “looking dark and staring.”

When the “American Beauty Star” host finally woke up, she “saw blood everywhere” and she later learned that she had “lost the litter.”

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model explained, “They didn’t mean to tell me that a midwife would invert me, pressing her finger down on the bone of my vagina to try to stop the bleeding.”

“And they didn’t want to tell me that the vein in my arm was breaking, and they couldn’t get the needle for the petosine, so they had to put it in my hand.”

Although Graham and Erwin’s twin boys were “well”, the former “America’s Next Top Model” judge “lay in bed” for four days in a row and “couldn’t walk for a week.”

He spent about two months at home.

Graham also hinted at a difficult birth in his announcement tweet, saying, “I’m taking some time to recover and connect with my husband and three sons, but I really can’t wait to share more with all of you.”

He shared a picture of the twins on Instagram in February, telling his followers: “It wasn’t easy, but it’s very valuable.”

Graham’s son Isaac’s mother, 2.

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