At the moment of the release of ‘RHONJ’ star Melissa Gorga on Teresa

Melissa Gorga of RHONJ at that moment she left on Teresa "No fault" And Teresa "Planted" Narrative, plus claims Jennifer uses reunion as an audition for next season

Melissa Gorga Revealing the moment that led him to stop trying to establish a relationship with his brother-in-law Teresa Judis.

Filled with a play follows the 12th season The real housewife of New JerseyMelissa said that despite much arguing, she and her husband Joe Garga Dealing with Teresa RHONJIt was actually a moment seen on another show, Real Housewives: The Ultimate Girls TripWhich led him to abandon future friendships.

Look back at their time together in the debut season RHUGTWhich was filmed in Turkish and Kaikos last spring and included a number of colorful moments courtesy of Luan de Lesseps (“I’ve seen Luan’s vagina seven times.” Ultimate Girls Trip – And it’s beautiful, “Melissa shared), Melissa said she was surprised to see Teresa’s reaction to her positive outlook on their trip.

“I remember looking at her and saying honestly, ‘It’s exciting that we were able to do this together and it’s a lot of fun. We will have this memory that we did something fun when we were growing up.’ [And] She kind of just rolled her eyes and looked at me. In between and watching the season, I feel like I’ve tried and I’m fine, “Melissa Beaches revealed in the May 16 episode. It all mentions Podcast “I always put my best foot forward and I want to have a good relationship with him, but that’s another thing I saw and thought, ‘I think I quit.'”

Although Melissa and Teresa’s children are cousins, she said she feels “no guilt” about her decision to distance herself from Joe’s sister.

“I really feel like I’ve hit every path – I’m not guilty. So, at last I feel a little free, “he admits.” I’ve tried really hard and I know I’ve tried hard – for my father-in-law and Joe. They’re not here anymore, and now it’s really for Joe – sad to see no family. “

Going forward, Melissa says she doesn’t need to continue her feud with Teresa RHONJ.

“We’re all as a cast, it’s sick … I don’t care if we never talk about it again,” he confirmed.

And while some believe that it was Melissa, the villain who joined the cast in three seasons, she considered the idea “crazy” and said that Teresa “planted” the story.

“Everyone in Bravo says [to Teresa]’You are not allowed to speak anymore.’ We are so past that. I’ve been on the show since the third season – and in the first season they only did six episodes – so I’m not so much behind what she did, “Melissa noted.” It’s crazy! Of course, he was here first and I got it, but I think the only villainous aspect I get is, ‘he came to the show behind me’ because he planted it.

Although there has been no official announcement about the Season 13 cast, Melissa has said that she is always down for “new people” but thinks it is “impossible” to cast fans.

“My hope for anyone new to the show is that it’s very difficult to cast someone who is not a fan. It’s impossible … because they have a point before they come, “he explained.

At the end of the 12th season, fans saw it Jennifer Aiden And The pain of Catania The reunion falls into a heated argument, which eventually ends their friendship. And after experiencing the conflict between them, Melissa admits to being surprised, mainly by Dolores.

“[Dolores] Most of the time too ‘Switzerland’ – he just doesn’t do that. All the years we’ve seen her on the show, we’ve never seen her fully turn on anyone, even when she’s in full swing, “Melissa noted.

Melissa also took issue with Jennifer’s hatred of reunion, denouncing them as fictional.

“At every reunion, he says something he hasn’t said all season and hasn’t bothered him. She’s sitting on the couch with her brain and she’s auditioning for next year, “Melissa suspected. “I always say [Jennifer] An adrenal pops up, he’s sitting, he’s been studying all night the night before, he’s printed his shot-outs. “

The real housewife of New Jersey Season 12 reunion will end tonight, May 17, at 8 / 7c in Bravo

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