ATL star Mrs Juicy has been released from hospital following a stroke

Get well soon!

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The devotees prayed Charlene “Ms. Juicy “Pearson Since the delegates have confirmed that he was Admitted to hospital and coma after stroke April 28. After two weeks in stable condition, he was transferred out of the intensive care unit. According to People, The Little Woman: Atlanta The star was released after a month in hospital and is “still healing” at home. Miss Juicy shared the good news herself on Friday in a video posted on Instagram.

“I just wanted to let you know I’m back. I’m not 100 percent, but I’m still healing, “he declared triumphantly.” It’s a video for all my fans, all my supporters, to let you know that I’ve been released from the hospital. I’m at home. “

Although the 50-year-old is very personal about her personal life, she opened her mouth about the health challenges she faces. Shortly after an ambulance took him to the hospital, he began to experience memory loss due to a stroke that caused bleeding in the brain.

“It simply came to our notice then. I can’t even drive now. I need to learn how to do it again, even brushing my teeth, the things we allow, the things we think are normal, “Pearson explained.” I was going to be fit when I was in the hospital because I couldn’t even drink my water. . “

The radio personality thanked her mother and sister for giving up everything to take care of her since the incident. Pearson couldn’t even eat without a feeding tube, which he jokingly said would “not last long.” Since then he has made great strides in restoring skills such as speech therapy and walking.

Pearson also thanked his fans and loved ones for sending prayers, good wishes and financial support. He has confirmed that his family needs to be introduced GoFundMe To help with hospital bills and expenses. The campaign has raised about $ 17,000 of the $ 25,000 target but more support is needed as Pearson continues the costly road to recovery. Hopefully, the Lifetime star’s famous friends and colleagues are also helping her in her time of need.

“I couldn’t work, so no money is coming. I’ve been in the hospital for over a month now, you see. I can’t really say ‘Mrs. Juicy baby ‘the way I usually say. “

Miss. It will take longer for Juicy’s catchphrase to become fully operational, but he is returning to the larger-life energy we know and love. As Pearson fights for his life at the hospital, waves of love from family, supporters and LWATL co-stars remind him that he is a fighter. And the “Queen of Atlanta” reassured everyone that the fight was not over!

“Yes, I had a stroke. You see, I’m not dead. I’m here. It may have slowed me down but I’m here and if the time is right I’ll be 100 percent back, “he said. “But I can’t push it and I can’t rush. Friends, I love you. “

Welcome home, Mrs., juicy!

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