Austin Kroll Shades Madison’s relationship with Southern Charm

Austin Kroll of Southern Charm jokes about Madison's relationship, where she stands with Lindsay and Searle after a love triangle and talks to new GF Olivia Flower.

All BravoLaberty is preparing rounds for the advance presentation of NBC Universal, including Southern Charm Star Austin Kroll. In a new interview, Austen takes on the little responsibility he feels about messing around with a seemingly love triangle between himself and himself. Summer house They Lindsay Hubbard And Sierra Miller.

Austin became involved with both Sierra and Lindsay after photographing Bravo Winter house Together, and she is now looking back at the situation and revealing where she stands with women today

I’m talking Bravo Daily Dish At the May 16 event, Austen said, “All I can do is look back, and hopefully do better.”

“This past summer, I was unmarried, officially, for the first time,” Austin said, adding that he shouldn’t have been so selfish before adding, and that Siara and Lindsay’s feelings should have been taken into account. After all, it was because of him that he became infamous Summer house “Wine Fight” has come into existence.

“I was selfish,” Austin admitted. “I understand that my selfishness hurts other people’s feelings and so all I can do is try to do better, you must know, learn and grow.”

Where are the three standing today? Austen said he had talked to both Sierra and Lindsay about their situation and how it happened, adding that he was “currently friends with them”.

Unfortunately, Austin and his Summer skin Co-star, Shape Rose, Their frat-boy can’t control his sense of humor. While speaking at the same NBC Universal event, Austin and Shape couldn’t make fun of their custom and Austin ex, Madison LecroyAnd her resistance to having a fianc, Brett RandallDisplayed Southern Charm.

Speaking to our weekly, Shepp said, “The question is what he has. He’s a hologram.”

Austen apparently agrees with Shadow, adding, “I don’t even know his name.”

Austin admits that he and Madison are still somewhat “snowy”, but this is precisely because Austin seems to have left behind all the lady dramas of his past. Southern Charm Newcomer Olivia flowers.

“Olivia is this beautiful, beautiful woman who is now a cast member, which we can say. I’m so excited for people to meet her,” Austin told the outlet, before continuing, “I’ve known her for a year and a half now. You must see.” You get to know where it starts, then how it ends. And it’s definitely a little low and flowing because I’m trying to figure it out. “

Southern Charm Season eight will premiere on Thursday, June 23, at 9 / 8c in Bravo.

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