Basketball wife star Shaunie O’Neal embarks on a new journey

Congratulations to Shaunie O’Neal and Pastor Keion Henderson !!

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The happy couple tied the knot in heaven, Saturday at the Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club. The beautiful event took place outside the 10th hole of the golf course. As soon as the lovely bride entered the gospel vocalist, Yolanda Adams performed. Her three sons, Sharif, Miles and Shakir, were walking down the corridor to meet the bride’s current husband.

“I lost my dad in February,” O’Neill told People. “So, I really struggled with how I was going to get off the isle. There was a lot to lose my father in this marriage plan, so my sons gave me up. ”

Her other children, whom she co-guarded with her ex-husband, Shakil O’Neill, were also present and brought comfort, love and light to Shawni’s big day.

In partnership with Basketball Wives star fashion stylist Eric Archibald, Jean Louis Sabazai wore a gorgeous gown to the wedding aisle, the designer also had an angel veil. Jewelry was provided by David Yarman and shoe shoes by Jimmy Chu.

Her fianc, Pastor Henderson, stood proudly in the cream tux of Dolce & Gabbana, while the bridegroom was dressed in Houston, Atelier. The wedding ceremony was a good friend and mentor to the couple, Bishop TD Jakes.

The couple fell in love with the venue at first sight and knew then that this was the place they wanted to start with their happiness.

“I think after that first visit, we knew this was the place we wanted to get married,” O’Neill, 47, told People. For Henderson, 41, Anguilla is proud of being able to “connect” with the island’s rich history and welcome residents and “start their journey” there.

Anguilla’s wedding was attended by about 200 guests and they spent the evening dancing to the music of the Isle Brothers while Spinderella kept the tune up late into the night at the afterparty. Shawni actually admits that he originally planned for only 50 guests. “We wanted to make our guests enjoy a weekend,” O’Neal said. “We like to have fun and love each other and we wanted to do it with our friends and family.”

Before tying the knot, the couple dated for two years and announced their engagement last November. The couple said their chemistry and connection was undeniable from their first date.

“I was ready to preach in California. … He finally agreed to see me, “Henderson told People. O’Neill went to dinner with a friend earlier that evening and told her future husband she would go out with him “if he had time after dinner.”

Shawnie happily said that Henderson had been fit with his family long before “I Doss”. “He miraculously entered our lives and filled a void that had been here for a minute in a place with me, because I didn’t find anyone,” he says. “They love him which makes me love him even more.”

Henderson had the same feeling, saying, “She’s amazing. She’s just the coolest-backed, cheerful, fun-loving person. She’s a confident woman, she can cook, dress and sing!”

The couple hopes to move forward together by building a legacy, constantly growing, evolving and becoming what it is called!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple again and we wish them a lot of success!

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