Benzino was released from prison after his arrest last month and says he is getting it

Benzino says he is returning to the bag after his release from prison.

Last month, Benzino turned himself in after issuing his arrest warrant for not appearing on his court date. However, a video posted on his social media shows that the former source co-founder is a free man.

“Hey brother, it’s dawn. I’m looking crazy, “said a friend of Benzino’s in the video. “But it’s a good opportunity.” Benzino then enters the camera, flexes his biceps and says, “You know how we do it. We have just returned home. You know how we do it. “

Benzino was arraigned in court last month following his 2020 arrest. Benzino was charged with one count of second-degree criminal damage and one count of disorderly conduct.

Her initial arrest was due to an incident involving her ex-boyfriend, Althia Eaton’s new boyfriend. Koi Lerey’s father was “enraged” to see the two in public. Benzino decides to get his angry man out of the truck.

Benjino and the man allegedly had a collision after waiting for them to finish their walk. The 56-year-old man is said to have approached the man “in a threatening and harassing manner”. Then as soon as the man left he tried to get inside the car. Benzino punched the car twice, punching the side of the car.

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