Bethany Frankel condemns Jill’s claim and updates with Frederick

Bethany Frankel condemns Jill's claim to use Bobby's funeral for publicity, shares where she stands with Frederick, and supports Bistrong and Kim's weight in the drama Ramona

Bethany Frankel Feedback Jill JarinThe suggestion that she was present at her late husband’s funeral, Bobby JarinFor Thursday Thursday episodes Watch Live What Happens.

After Jill criticized her ex-friend, The real housewife in New York City Alam denies Jill’s allegations against him and persuades the host Andy Cohen To reveal what actually happened before the Memorial Service.

“I do not have a camera. That’s why I didn’t bring any camera, “Bethany said in the May 19 episode WWHLThe host turned to Andy and added, “And I remember you and I had a discussion and you told me he wanted to … why don’t you say it?”

“I think he invited us,” he replied. “I think he said, ‘If you want to cover this funeral … if you want to include it in the show,’ the way we did because he was an important part of the ceremony.”

Then, after Bethany asks if she thinks or knows it, Andy makes it clear, “I know.”

As for his relationship with Frederick EcklundWho starred with him in 2017 Bethany and FrederickBethany said one WWHL Fans should not hold their breath for the second season of that show.

“I did not speak to Frederick for a minute. I think I asked him for a realtor’s recommendation … not in New York City. Other places where he is not working. So I didn’t talk to her in a minute … she moved to LA I’m doing my single real estate projects, flipping places, but I’m a little tired. I don’t want to do anything more, “he explained.

Another visitor wanted to know why Bethany started sharing makeup-related ticks after she shed Tinsley Mortimer And Carol Redzuel To care too much about their own makeup.

“I am not particularly vain. I care about the fact that I never know how to do it, “Bethany explained.

And when Ramona singer Rarely praised for her behavior, Bethany gave it to her ex RHONY A screaming co-star after learning he is doing Cameos to support his nonprofit, BStrong.

“Breaking News, Ramona Singer … she texted me that she was Ukrainian and later I heard that she was doing chamos to support Bostrong. [But she] No credit required. And I always say credit-seekers don’t get credit. He did not seek credit and he received credit, “said Bethany. “And here we are on live television … Ramona Singer, Ukrainians thank you.”

Also turned on WWHLBethany, who is known for her skinnygirl brand, reacted to the possible hypocrisy after the criticism. Kim Kardashian To set a bad example by cutting out 16 pounds in two weeks to cut out carbohydrates and sugar to fit into her matte gala gown (which Marilyn Monroe previously wore).

“First of all, I think I made Skinigirl about 13 years ago for a low calorie margarita. As for food and drink, I have no problem with low-calorie foods that persuade people, ”he explained. “My clothing line is up to size 32. My books are about enjoyment and permission. But I’m launching a swimming line called Bethany because that’s where the line, clothing and body and things like that. So in the future, it will be more ‘Bethany’ I have no problem with ‘Skinigirl’. “

Following Bethany’s comments about Jill, Jill’s daughter Ally Shapiro Take a look at the comments section of WWHL’s Instagram post for feedback.

Ally writes: “I want to say a lot. “However, he did not comment on the matter.

Jill Jarin's daughter Ally Shapiro Bethany Frankel comments on the WWHL

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