Bethany Frankel shades Erica Jane for ‘disgusting’ comments

Bethany Frankel shades Erica for offensive and hateful comments about the late Dennis Shields because Andy reveals which housewife she wants to be Lucy

The real housewife in New York City alum Bethany Frankel Spoke out against Erica Jane Saw on Twitter that he was talking about his late ex-fianc, Dennis ShieldsOn Watch Live What Happens Wednesday night.

Erica’s episode follows, during which time The real housewife of Beverly Hills The star announced that “[Bethenny’s] The man died. “After inquiring about her estranged husband, Thomas GirardiPossibly owed her $ 500,000 (which Bethany claimed in 2021), Bethany shared a few Twitter posts referring to the event.

Tonight’s episode [WWHL] Was tapped so I don’t address your comment [and] Dennis’s children are injured, upset and upset. I appreciate your loyalty, heart and sympathy, “said Bethany Tweet May 19.

Rhony Bethany Frankel Wounded and Annoyed by Erica Jane Mentioning Dead Dennis Shields in WWHLThen, after many of her fans and followers became confused about her message, and suggested that it made no sense, Bethany responded to a woman’s search by saying that the heart she referred to was her supporters.

“Doesn’t that mean he’s praising someone’s heart ??” Fans ask.

“To take care of you,” Bethany said The answer.

On wednesday WWHL: After showErica was asked about Bethany’s money claim regarding Thomas.

“It simply came to our notice then. So it could be true, there was a debt that was really repaid, “Erica explained. “So I don’t know where Bethany is coming from … her man is dead and my man is in a house. So whatever … the business goes on like this.”

In addition to her tweets, Bethany also spoke to Erica on Thursday night while appearing as a guest on her own episode WWHL.

As he and fellow guests Ali Wentworth Playing a game on “Host TalkTive”, Bethany was asked what she would ask Erica if she appeared as a guest on her podcast.

“I love Erica Jane. I’ll have a side conversation about people we know in general and we want to have tea. But I won’t do that in public,” he said, apparently overshadowing Erica for her public statements about Dennis.

Also time WWHL Episode, Andy Cohen Which was asked The real housewife The star he wants to be is his daughter Lucy, whom he welcomed at the end of last month.

“I’ll go with Bethany!” He replied.

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