BGTFOHWTBS: Michigan teacher fired for comparison to Obama

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Let’s get real clear from the jump. We don’t trust him, he needs more people. Wrong deez nuts.

The Michigan teacher has compared Obama to an ape and hired a racist

According to a report in NYPost, a teacher at Roper School for “Talents” in Bloomfield, Michigan, has been placed on administrative leave after giving his students a racist worksheet.

The assignment was to challenge students to identify the type of primates from the photograph gallery, “Anyway”, a picture of AmeriKKKa’s 44th POTUS magically entered the mix. It is unthinkable that such a thing could happen. Hmmm.

As news of the worksheet spread, Roper actually had to cancel all classes on Thursday because people were ready to come there and some administrative donkey hoops. The school has issued a statement acknowledging the situation and updating the public on what kind of disciplinary action has been taken.

“The choice to use this part of the curriculum was completely inconsistent with our school’s philosophy and mission, and we sincerely apologize for using it and for the damage it has caused,” the school continued.

“Although the teacher has taken responsibility and admitted the mistake of not properly verifying the assets, we know that this is not enough and he has been placed on administrative leave until further notice.”

Roper is said to be one of the longest-running private schools in its class in the United States and says it prides itself on having a diverse student organization and staff. Apparently, the Ol ‘girl, who has not yet been publicly identified, did not receive the message Maybe it went to his spam box …

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