Bill Cosby faces again sexual assault charges as California civil trial opens

Bill Kasby He will face sexual harassment charges again on Wednesday as his civil trial begins in California.

Judy Hooth Lawyers will determine the evidence they are hoping to present to prove that Kasby forced her to have sex. Playboy Mansion In 1975 when he was 16 years old. Hooth’s testimony in the case will be critical, reinforced by images and other archival evidence to help keep the incident in context.

It is expected that Kasbi’s lawyers, who claim that no sexual assault took place, will insist that the plaintiffs prove the case is almost 50 years old. A photo of that visit shows Cosby taking Hooth to the Playboy Mansion, but they say they’re sure he wasn’t a minor at the time.

The trial is over for 85-year-old Kasbi, who was released from prison 11 months ago Pennsylvania The appellate court found him guilty of criminal sexual harassment. Her insurer forced her to settle several more allegations of sexual misconduct against her will.

After a court concludes that the artisan may summon her Fifth Amendment Right against self-crime, he will not testify. He had no intention of attending the trial from his home in Pennsylvania, which will be held in a small court. Santa Monica.

According to Kasbi’s representatives, glaucoma has blinded him, making travel impossible.

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