BoB sued for $ 3 million in unpaid royalties

BoB has been sued by more than $ 3 million in ex-management royalties in outstanding performance royalties since 2017.

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The Atlanta MC BOB has provided several classic records in its career and made one of the fruits of its labor. Nowadays, he’s doing his job, going the independent route কিন্তু but a 2017 deal is now causing problems for BoB

According to TMZ, Round Hill Music and Artist Rights Management are suing the rapper for $ 3 million in unpaid royalties. Both groups claimed that they had reached an agreement with BoB in 2017, in which it agreed to transfer royalties for public performance in its catalog. BoB blames his former manager and says he never agreed to the 2017 deal.

“I did not see the case but I know my ex-manager entered into the contract without my knowledge. I take my business seriously and look forward to seeing what happens. “

When he filed the lawsuit with TMZ, he still has about 20 days to respond legally. It could be a long process as there are allegations that the deal was made without his knowledge One thing seems certain, though, that BoB doesn’t think he hates anything and is ready to go deeper into what happened in court.

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