Bobby Brown believes Whitney Houston would still survive if they were never split

Bobby Brown I think he helped Whitney Houston Out before his death in 2012.

Bobby Brown ahead A&E Documentary Biography: Bobby Brown premiering May 30, he shared his thoughts with people. Earlier this week, we reported that she repeatedly dreamed of her two children, Bobby Jr. and Bobby Christina, who had died as a result of drug abuse. Now, he’s talking about Whitney’s death.

“I think we could help each other,” he said.

In the early ’90s, the couple became embroiled in a vicious cycle of drug abuse and addiction. Brown’s bad-boy image tells the world that he turned the bright pop star into a drug addict, but since his death, loved ones and close ones have revealed that Houston actually influenced Brown to become a drug addict. The 14-year relationship ended in 2007, just five years before her death.

Brown reveals that he was actually clear a few years before their separation.

“It was really rough because I was so addicted. I had to be put on medical detox first,” he said of kicking drugs while in prison in 2000. It was about getting my daughter healthy. [Bobbi Kristina] And for the rest of my kids. ”

Most of their engagement was on their reality TV show, “Being Bobby Brown”.

Brown revealed that when Houston didn’t give up drugs, the relationship was on the rocks. However, he did not want to divorce, but Whitney did, which comes from his party and family, he believes. To this day, she feels that divorce has negatively affected her.

“I think we could help each other,” he said in the documentary. “I think he would still be here if we didn’t divorce.”

Houston died in February 2012 after an accidental drug overdose in the tub of his Beverly Hills hotel. Brown thought he was getting better before he learned of his death. “I thought he was putting himself together. I didn’t think he would return. ”

Although he gave up hard drugs, Brown fought alcohol abuse and was in a treatment facility in 2020.

“I work hard every day of my life to stay calm, and it will stay that way for the rest of my life, and I know that.”

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