BoB’s former management company is suing him for 3 million unpaid

BOB His former management company is suing for $ 3 million for unpaid royalties.

In legal documents, Round Hill Music and Artist Rights Management alleges that BoB violated an agreement reached between them in January 2017. The deal was that the rapper would pay a certain royalty to the management company to serve his songs on the show.

“I have not seen the case but I know that my former manager entered into the contract without my knowledge,” BoB told TMZ. “I take my business seriously and look forward to seeing what happens.”

The document submitted states, “Intentional breach of the assignment agreement. Defendants prevented the plaintiffs from collecting the royalties that the plaintiffs were entitled to collect on a contractual basis. The plaintiffs now take this step to reduce their security interest in the trial and to collect damages from the defendants for intentional and intentional breach of the assignment agreement of at least $ 3,000,000, including attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses.

Round Hill Music and Artist Rights Management are also suing the touring company hired by BoB.

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