Boost Mobile will allow customers to view ads or play games in exchange

Help mobile It offers customers a way to reduce their bills: play a game or watch some ads

If you could reduce your phone bill just by playing games or watching ads, would you do that? Okay, now Boost Mobile customers have that opportunity. The phone company has launched “BoostCoins”, a “blockchain-backed” form of payment that can be earned through ad viewing or playing games.

The Verge reports that you can get BoostCoins by downloading Carrier’s BoostOne app and participating in the app’s games and ads. However, the value of a BoostCoins is only one cent. A person can earn two boostcoins while playing a game while watching a few seconds of an ad can pay a person five cents to $ 5, the news outlet reports.

At times, the company says it plans to give customers the ability to share boostcoins with each other or do business with them for a free phone.

“This is an exciting new business model and a stepping stone for the future for wireless customers,” Stephen Stokes, CEO of Boost Mobile, said in a press release. “Much depends on the telco subscription model, but now is the time to move beyond the old ways and embrace the proven digital models popular in other industries.”

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