Boston Celtics star Jillian Brown signs new management deal with Donda Sports

Boston Celtic star Jillian Brown A new agreement has been signed with Donda Sports in Connie West.

The news was announced this week, though 25 years old Decided to sign with Donder March After Western participation Warriors vs. Celtic game. Moments later, Brown is seen swinging a donda sports hoodie.

West’s eyes were on Brown after learning of Brown’s extensive philanthropic work. Brown founded her 7uice Foundation, Which helps disadvantaged children get a quality education. He was also honored 2020 NBA Community Assist Award To use his dignity to fight for social justice and racial equality. He donated valuable resources for many reasons during that exciting year.

In addition, d “Jesus walks” The mogul of rapper and Yeezy sneaker also felt that Brown was the right choice because he was a God-fearing man like himself.

At this time, details of Brown’s contract have not been released, but approval of clothing and sneaker-centric is expected.

Yeh continues to build his lucrative sports empire. On Monday, Los Angeles Rams Defensive tackle Aaron Donald Announcing that he will sign a contract with Donda Sports, a Yeezy Clit deal is already being negotiated.

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