Boyfriend’s wife sues over $ 100K over ‘RHOA’ NeNe leak

BF Nyonisela Siohs sues NeNe Leaks by ex-wife, accuses RHOA star of having an affair with husband while still married, plus details of her request

NeNe leaks Will be back in court. This time, however, he is on the other side of a case.

Earlier this year, The The real housewife of Atlanta Alam has sued Bravo and Andy Cohen Accused of creating a racist work environment. He claims that the network has ignored (and probably encouraged) racist comments Kim Jolsiak-BearmanA former custom on the show.

After being fired from RHOA In 2020, NeNe went public with its demands and asked fans to boycott the network. After the lawsuit was filed, most of his customers were silent on the matter.

Received according to new court documents TMZNeNe is now being sued by a woman who claims that the star slept with her husband while she was still married.

The woman, Malomin Tehmeh-SiohClaiming NeNe’s relationship with her husband, Neonisela SiohMarriage led to a collapse.

Malomin claims that NeNe (now) posted numerous pictures of herself with her boyfriend, which insulted Malomin and basically ruined the relationship.

In addition, Malomin says she has endured emotional pain, loss of affection, and emotional distress. In North Carolina, one can sue a wife’s boyfriend for separation of affection. In most states, however, such suits are unauthorized.

Malomine is seeking more than 100,000 from Reality Star. Nene has not yet commented on the case.

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